Introduction: Pimp My Rubik's Cube

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Tired of the same ol' cube? Looking for a slightly more challenging option? Looking for a slightly more street-cred-enhancing option? Look no further.

Step 1: Peel Those Old Stickers.

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If you've been using your cube as much as you should be, the stickers are peeling. If not, your cube is probably significantly better than mine. The stickers were really awful, and I had to do something about it. If you wanted something easier, you could skip right to step 6 and have a black cube, but you don't want that. You want a Gold Cube.

Step 2: Disassemble the Cube.

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Twist any face 45 degrees, and lever something between the centre face and an edge face. Pop the edge face out. Once the first Cubelet is away, the rest will follow it out fairly easily.

Step 3: Wash the Cubelets.

Picture of Wash the Cubelets.

In the sink.

Step 4: Set Up a Paint Station.

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A box with a stick through it will serve as a convenient place to hang the Cubelets while they're painted. It should be noted that I abandoned this method about halfway through because I realized that the bottoms of the Cubelets weren't getting enough paint. I resorted to holding them above my head and painting them that way. If you design your paint station with this in mind I'm sure you can work around it, and keep your fingers paint-free.

Step 5: Paint the Cubelets.

Picture of Paint the Cubelets.

Now take sublime pleasure in the moment as you are priviledged to witness your precious Cubelets as they metamorphose from the anthracite coloured lumps that they were, into the shining and glorious beacons of Nerdcore that they are destined to become.

Step 6: Drill Dots.

Picture of Drill Dots.

Clamp the Cubelets down. Drill a small depression, one edge at a time. Take care not to drill too deeply, as a hole is far more difficult to fill than a dot.

Step 7: Paint Dots.

Picture of Paint Dots.

I used basic student-grade acryllic paints. I'm sure anything you have (that isn't water soluble) will do fine.

Step 8: Reassemble the Cube.

This is the reverse process from disassembling the cube. Start by turning one of the core faces 45 degrees and slip in an edge piece. Just keep on adding Cubelets, and building faces until there's only one Cubelet left. It won't go in unless the final face is twisted 45 degrees.

Step 9: Bask in the Glory of the Cube.

Picture of Bask in the Glory of the Cube.

My paint is sloppy, but that's only because I couldn't stand to be without my Cube. Please paint carefully, and remember that several light coats are better looking than one heavy coat. I used one heavy coat.

Take your Cube to parties and astound your friends as you reign in the pure chaos that is an unsolved Cube. Take it to a bar and pick up members of the opposite sex by dazzling them with your fantastic intelligence and nimble fingers. Take it to work, and get fired for playing with a toy instead of diong your job!


el grovero (author)2014-05-08

Take to work like a dork

dmitrevski (author)2014-02-24

Take it to school and be cool

ExtraMedium (author)2008-08-14

lol does that say 'ninja purse'?

fcaetano (author)ExtraMedium2010-01-06

I guess it does...


spas12warrior (author)2011-09-27

the colors are on the wrong sides

brainiac120 (author)2011-07-09

mine wont come apart

mfinn3 (author)2011-03-09

Real ones are meant to come apart :L

ramsterrambo (author)2010-07-02

hey....... where did you get the gold spray paint btw it looks awsome

Robotrix (author)ramsterrambo2010-07-02

Any hardware or hobby store should carry it - if not, try a craft store. I found the paint was not a very good solution if you still want to use the cube though, as it remains smelly and messy.

Robot Lover (author)2010-06-27

you should have spelled rubix cube in braille.

Jerb (author)2006-06-17

why does the blue middle cube have four dots?

Kuhan (author)Jerb2007-11-01

it' probably the center that says rubik's

Kred14 (author)Kuhan2009-10-02

the white side is the side that is labeled "Rubik's".

Kuhan (author)Kred142009-10-02

While that may be true, if you remove the center white sticker, it will say Rubik's embedded in the cube. I was simply saying that the blue side on this cube must have been the white side originally, and therefore would say Rubik's on it, causing Robotrix to make 4 blue dots around the Rubik's logo so as to preserve it. :)

natman3400 (author)Kuhan2010-04-04

 If you look closely you can faintly see it in the blue side.

Jerb (author)2006-06-17

have you considered putting a clear coat on these? it will make the paint last much longer (and give it a nice smooth feel)

fcaetano (author)Jerb2010-01-06

You can also spray some quality varnish, not those whom peel out with time.

vigilantice (author)2009-11-05

 The cool part about this is that you can use whatever colors you want

jtobako (author)2006-06-17

to truely pimp it out, use the little stick-on gems for color instead of paint.

Robotrix (author)jtobako2006-06-17

That's actually an incredible idea. I have another cube with no sitckers, so you might see pimpcube v.2.0 soon!

bobbyk881 (author)Robotrix2007-04-15

can you solve it???

bobbyk881 (author)bobbyk8812007-04-16

so can you solve it

Robotrix (author)bobbyk8812007-05-30

Yes, i can totally solve it. I use the petrus method, you can find it on google. It takes a little while to get the hang of it but i can solve the cube in under two minutes, my best time was about 1 minute.

geek27 (author)Robotrix2007-12-15

hahaha... my best time is 1:11... and people at my school think that I'm fast! (My friends bring rubik's cubes to school all the time!)

Iridium7 (author)geek272009-02-13

mine is 1 minute 6 seconds. and Ditto about the school part.

geek27 (author)Iridium72009-02-16

Uh yeah, I do realize that my record time when I wrote the comment (about a year ago) was not actually fast. I was trying to imply that, but I suppose that my implications utterly failed. Whoops. Nice time, by the way.

corvett (author)geek272009-02-19

My best time is 30.77 seconds... And people around here think I'm fast, but its only because its a small town. I wish I could talk to others in person to see what I'm doing wrong and how I could get faster

geek27 (author)corvett2009-02-19

I really can't tell you if you are doing anything wrong, as my best time when I was cubing (kinda got bored and stopped after 200 billion or so solves) was around forty seconds. I was never really that great at cubing, and it got to a point where I couldn't really get any faster. BUT, I never learned to do "finger tricks" as they are called. Perhaps you just need to cube some more, as speed comes with practice.

E D E N (author)geek272009-10-19

sub- 30 seconds,

Fridrich method 2 look oll and pll :O

LargePaperCup (author)Robotrix2009-07-31

my friend can doit in 31 seconds

Rowen27 (author)Robotrix2006-12-21

thats exactly what I thought you'd done when I saw the teaser thumnail... Jen

damasta (author)2008-11-10

When my cube is worn out (difficult to turn, stickers pealed away) I might make this but I think I'll hand paint it gold (to spare the inside and make it less difficult to turn after painting) and use fake gems for the colors while we're talking about records mine is 45 seconds, average 1.05 4x4: record: 4.00.09, average last time I checked about 4.30 (last time I did 12 solves in a row, bye bye day) 5x5: record 11.25 minutes, first time it took 15 6x6: solved it today for the first time: a full hour (but I didn't learn any new algs to do it, and the last centers took me 45 minutes, as soon as I get that down the time will lower a lot)

firefliie (author)damasta2009-01-01

no offense but we werent talking about records...

firefliie (author)firefliie2009-01-01

however you have good records...i've never even solved a rubiks cube!! :D

the_mad_man (author)firefliie2009-02-08

me nether

Iridium7 (author)the_mad_man2009-02-13

and yet you guys talk over the Internet. *wink* *wink*

damasta (author)Iridium72009-02-15

I'm quite a bit faster now (cut in half my average and record) and also, if you don't know how to solve, check (of course) instructables, youtube or (don't blindly ask questions on that forum, we have a search function)

tiki700 (author)2007-05-29

lol i think i will just try and beat my boring non pimped out rubik's cube and when it decides that it will stop being frustrating and just solve itself i will reward it with being pimped out.

girrrrrrr2 (author)tiki7002007-06-19

i have 3 ways to solve mine... what you can do is take a screwdriver and pull of the cubes one at a time... carefully... and the second way involves a lighter and gasoline... soak the cube in gas... and light it... there you go... it is all the same color (black)... the last way involves a lighter... and a m-1000... put the cube on top of the m-1000 and light the fuse and run... than try to find all of the pices...

Loveofchaos (author)girrrrrrr22007-07-30

im very surprised at you. YOU NEED TO DRILL A HOLE IN IT IN WHICH TO PUT THE M1000 that way, its sure to blow it apart haha

girrrrrrr2 (author)Loveofchaos2007-07-30

oh... i didnt think that part through... but that would help blow it up better... i was just thinking that the m1000 would have enough power to destroy it... lol...

Loveofchaos (author)girrrrrrr22008-02-16

lol i used an m1000 to blow open a pomagranite once lol

girrrrrrr2 (author)Loveofchaos2008-03-09

lol... you went back to the invention of the (not including the chinese ones...) grenade... just with food instead of metal...

Loveofchaos (author)girrrrrrr22008-03-09

hey... its what i do lol

girrrrrrr2 (author)Loveofchaos2008-05-28

and you do it well...

Robotrix (author)girrrrrrr22007-06-19

not exactly an ... intellectual ... set of solutions, are they? I mean a puzzle cube is really all about challenge. blowing stuff up is for safes.

girrrrrrr2 (author)Robotrix2007-06-28

well... if you get very pissed of at than you now have a way to get it

FERMIS (author)tiki7002007-06-19

Rubiks cubes are so easy it takes me about 45 secconds on avarage to solve 1

minimidget (author)FERMIS2007-10-19

no-one likes an arrogant jerk. and 45 seconds isn't even all that great.

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