Step 5: Paint the Cubelets.

Picture of Paint the Cubelets.
Now take sublime pleasure in the moment as you are priviledged to witness your precious Cubelets as they metamorphose from the anthracite coloured lumps that they were, into the shining and glorious beacons of Nerdcore that they are destined to become.
ExtraMedium7 years ago
lol does that say 'ninja purse'?
I guess it does...

snotty fcaetano3 years ago
hey....... where did you get the gold spray paint btw it looks awsome
Robotrix (author)  ramsterrambo5 years ago
Any hardware or hobby store should carry it - if not, try a craft store. I found the paint was not a very good solution if you still want to use the cube though, as it remains smelly and messy.