Picture of Pimp my snowracer
My first instrucable, sorry for my poor english and for not taking pricures during the process.
Usually i get an idea and start working directly, no time for preparations..

My daughter aged 2,5 years old, was not satisfied with her snowracer, beeing blue and red (actually my snowracer from mid -90s), her brother has a cooler bob and i got an idea. 

I can fix it, and create the most spectacular snowracer in Sweden, or at least Tranas ( my hometown with 20,000 population ).

To the workshop..
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Step 1: Matereals used / Needed

Picture of Matereals used / Needed
First you need a snowracer or a bob or whatever the correct word is, mine was old but in good condition.

Fur of some sort, i prefer some long-haired fur beacause it is more forgiving if you don´t do it perfecltly.
Marker pen.
Glue gun.

And for the electric part i used a small plastic box, just big enough to fit a 9v battery an a switch -A leverswitch with rubber protection. 9v battery connector with 10cm leads.
2 led stripes, 12V with adhesive back ( any led lights will probably work, got theese as a product sample from a local industry).

onrust2 years ago
Flossing on the snow!
just amazing
you've got you're first follower
scottsmith4 years ago
Excellent! My 6 year old daughter would LOVE one of those!!
GianniMora5 years ago
how much was that snow racer thing