My friend is heavily into Warhammer 40K lore and culture. He likes sharp things. He likes the Blood Angels. 
All of this resulted in a mad 5-hour modification of this machete. He loved it. 

Don't know what 40k is?- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warhammer_40,000
Don't know what the Blood Angels are?- http://warhammer40k.wikia.com/wiki/Blood_Angels

Here's how you can make your own- I encourage you to make one themed after something else, the possibilities are endless (although here are a few ideas to get you started)
-Assassin's creed knives
-Batman Villains
-A historical group you are fond of
-For whatever interesting designs you can come up with! 

Warning- the methods I use here are not up to my personal standards of perfection! Read the steps before you build it so you don't repeat my mistakes!

Step 1: Design!

This project involved a lot of design. When designing something, take stock of all your available materials, skills, and tools, as well as what you want out of the final product.

What I wanted from the final product
-Incorporates common Blood Angels colors like red and gold
-Looked menacing, no little pointy knives, this thing has to look like a weapon with a capitol W.
-Physically tough, I don't want it breaking from normal showing off
-Incorporate something that would be really unique to my friend

Here's what I came up with, and the explanations behind it
-Use a non-standard machete-for a more unique look
-Paint half the blade gold, and use a machete with red in the handle
-Incorporate some red paracord into the blade, for a unique accent, and to add more color.
-Use the tools I had access to in my shop class to punch my friend's birthdate into a dog-tag, and attach it to the handle, for the unique touch.
-Drill holes in the blade for a cool visual affect
-Write Blood Angels relevant slogans on the blade, in Latin, which is the proper language according to 40k lore, as well as do the birthdate in Roman Numerals, for added effect
-Incorporate the blood angels logo onto the blade- in red, of course.

Remember, you can design a blade around anything, let your imagination go wild! 

cool like what u did with the parang
Cool! But my favorite is the Ultramarines.
Make an ultramarine blade then! That would be awesome.
I would, but I don't have a cool machete... <br> <br>But I may make a Nerf W40K Bolter...
go get one, you can find them for as cheap as 15$ at an army surplus store. Big 5, Walmart, Ace Hardware if you are in the US.
Ok, I might look for one sometime soon. :)

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