Pimp Your IKEA Crib





Introduction: Pimp Your IKEA Crib

The choices for affordable modern cribs on the market are limited. So, here are instructions on how to turn your $100 IKEA crib into a designer piece.

Step 1: Materials and Tools Needed

- IKEA Gulliver Crib, 1 (all hardware included)
- 1/4' birch veneer plywood, 2 sheets
- 1/2' metal screw plugs, 8

- table saw (optional, your local home improvement store can cut to size)
- drill
- 1/2' drill bit
- wood glue
- sand paper and wood filler (optional)
- paint brush, primer and paint
- pencil

Step 2: How To

1. Have your local home improvement store cut your plywood to size. You'll need four 31 3/4' x 28' pieces, and four 1' x 27 1/4' and two 1' x 31 3/4' strips of wood. This wood will make up your 'slip covered' ends.

2. Lay one of your 31 3/4' x 28' pieces on a flat work surface (the floor should do it). Glue one of your 1' x 31 3/4' strips width wise at the top and glue each of two 1' x 27 1/4' strips wise down the sides. The side strips should butt against your top strip in the top left and top right corner of your square, creating an upside down 'U'. All of the 1/4' edges of your three strips should be flush with the inside edge of your square. Glue together. Let dry.

3. Unpack your IKEA crib and take out the end piece that you will place the slip cover over. Place it down on your wood, fitting it snugly within your new sides and top. Mark each of the IKEA cribs predrilled holes on to your wood piece with a pencil. You'll need to know where these holes are when putting your crib together. Remove IKEA crib end and drill each hole with your 1/2' drill bit.

4. Now it's time to mark these predrilled hole locations on to your second square of 31 3/4' x 28' wood. You'll need to put the hardware through both sides of the slipcover to secure the crib. Mark this second set of holes by laying the second piece of wood on your work surface and placing your already glued and drilled piece on top. Mark each of the predrilled holes on to your second wood piece with a pencil. Drill each hole with your 1/2' drill bit.

5. Next take that piece of wood and glue it to your already glued pieces creating a box that will act as the slip cover. Let dry.

6. Wood fill any gaps and lightly sand.

7. Decorate/paint as desired.

8. Repeat steps 2-8 for the other end of the crib.

9. Slide each of the IKEA crib ends into its corresponding slipcover. Assemble IKEA crib as instructed. All hardware included in the crib set will work with slipcovered ends.

10. Plug your drilled holes with your metal screw plugs.

*for fun, secure rope lighting to the underside of the crib.



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      2 replies

      I think you have a really cool project, but it could be explained better. Do you have photos of the work in progress? If so, this would be more effective if you could show steps with those. If not, an option is to show close-up shots of each part of the crib where you had to do something. Had to drill something together? Show where. With just a few pictures and breaking up step 2 into multiple steps this could be much better.

      Hi, thanks for your feedback...I'll see what i can do. No pics of the work in progress. I just made a quick edit and republished it before I got this message. please disregard.

      i am having a difficult time finding metal screw plugs. can someone help? other than that i think everyting in straight forward. look forward to the simple project.

      f**king brilliant. love it.

      I love result. Modern design, cheap, safe and unique. I will try and convince the wife for this project. We have limited space and the Ikea cribs are ideal, plus they are very solid. If we go forward with it and build our own, I will post my instructions as a 'redux'. One question: is the mattress height still adjustable, or do you have to take the sides off?

      Nice job. Are the ikea screws long enough to handle the extra 1/2 inch of wood that you have added? I am wondering if the crib is still safe and securely put together.

      1 reply

      the IKEA screws are not long enough to keep the crib together securely.

      hi and thanks. the screws were long enough for me. my crib turned out to be very secure.

      I absolutely LOVE this crib. I am so inspired. Thank you!