Introduction: Pimp Your Office Chair.

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Granted, the 80s brought us ugly office chairs, bad fashion and Paris Hilton. But if Jane Fonda has evolved from workout video chick to political activist, you can likewise transform your office chair from mainstream to individually appealing.

Step 1: Materials & Tools.

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1) old ugly office chair
2) cloth
3) acrylic paint
4) Freezer Paper (or Makepiesnotsense Sticky Paper).

5) screw driver
6) any measuring tool
7) scissors
8) iron
9) paintbrush
10) staple gun

Step 2: Back & Seat.

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Use your screwdriver to remove both pads, the back and the seat.

Softly tear off the old fabric to free the upholstery from its cover.

Step 3: Cloth & Print.

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Use your measuring tool to find out how much fabric you will need approximately for the size of your back and seat pad. You'll need enough to cover the edges, in order to staple it on the back of the pad, later on. I recommend using it double if it's thin fabric.

Before you span the fabric over the pads, think of a cool print for the backing pad. I don't recommend having an illustrated seat, for you will have to sit on it. And if you do that you show the design that you do not respect it. Now, iron your cloth and use this method to get a stenciled piece of fabric. If you are in possession of freezer paper, use bignothing's method.

Step 4: Tighten & Staple.

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Your print is completely dry? That means you can proceed: Span your two pieces of ironed clothing over the pads. On the back of the pad, on the edges, there's gonna be some bulk fabric, cut that off. Be sure to really tighten them, avoiding emergence of any crinkles in the viewable side of the fabric. Then, staple the cloth onto the back of the pad.

Step 5: Plugs & Pads.

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There are plugs on the pads which need to be plugged back into the chair's body. Therefore you've got to make sure there's no cloth covering them, they need to be as they were in order to get the pads back on your office chair.

Forceful but gentle, push the pads back into their initial position into the chair's body. It might require a well-projected punch or three. I covered them with a towel for this purpose.

Step 6: It's Ready,

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ToniRose (author)2008-12-02

Nicely done. But Jane Fonda was an activist first, workout chick later. Which made the 80s all the weirder.

ryneayers (author)2008-07-18

i used the t-shirt transfers from walmart and printed a pic of the web

jongscx (author)ryneayers2008-08-04

that must've been a really big picture... or was it just a small portion of the internet?

ryneayers (author)ryneayers2008-07-18

sorry i meant off

ryneayers (author)2008-07-23

this is how the transfer came out on the chair

sweet! that's an awesome office chair right there.

blacknkhak (author)2008-07-16

dumpster dream dive.

office_furniture_man (author)2007-11-29

Check out these pimped up Cobra Rally Office Chairs straight from the WRC!

I got one in my bedroom at home that I bought from

Very Keri (author)2007-06-08

Can I give you a hint? If you use upholstery grade fabric when you "upholster" something, the quality is better. You run into problems like leaving a large butt shaped wrinkle where you've been sitting when you have any kind of stretchy fabric. It doesn't rip or tear as easily, it's more stain resistant and it holds staples better. Upholstery fabric is more expensive, but you don't even need a yard of it for this kind of thing. On a side note, I AM perfectly content with what you've got going, your design is awesome! Takes me back...

noahh (author)2007-05-04

This is great! Do you have a "before" picture we could see?

makepiesnotsense (author)noahh2007-05-06

silly me, forgot to do that. the only ones i got are these where you can see the old cover and the base without upholstery, see STEP 2
this is another ugly office chair i plan on altering, see this pic

twisted (author)2007-05-01

I saw guitars, and an amp... where do you work? nice job anyways! ~Twisted

makepiesnotsense (author)twisted2007-05-04

thanks! actually, that's not my office, it is my bedroom. it's quite spacious and i keep my guitars and equipment there, for personal practice. office chairs are usually easy to get, most offices try to get rid of old ones, that's why i have it. and that's also why it needed to get altered!!

mikesty (author)2007-04-30

Hmm, I might actually do this, since I have some nasty stains on my chair that won't go out, and get worse every time I try to clean them with something.

Office Viking (author)2007-04-30

Hey that's cool! I think it's great any time we can personalize something in an often-times impersonable world. We look for ways to stand out, to be individuals, and to show off our creativity. Rock on!

canida (author)2007-04-30

Looks nice! Now you just need to add spinners to your wheels, and maybe some lights under the seat...

Williz (author)2007-04-30

Actually looks quite nice with the new upholstry. Good Job.

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