Pimp Your Old Smartphone and Make a Steampunk MP3 Player With Touchscreen





Introduction: Pimp Your Old Smartphone and Make a Steampunk MP3 Player With Touchscreen

Hi there,

what can you do with your old Smartphone ? Sell it, throw away, put it in the Microwave ?? *gg*

No, we make a Steampunk MP3 Player with Touchscreen ;)

Step 1: Let Us Begin

We need a lot of Things of Brass, some Electronics and Fantasy.

1 Smartphone Xperia Mini ( or other )

1 Arduino Nano

1 IC L293D ( H-Bridge)

1 Brass hollow Sphere

Some Brass and decorative parts

1 Micro Gear Motor

1 Amplifier 2*5 Watt Stereo

5 Yellow Led

Brass Gears

Brass Wire

2 Speaker 5-10 Watt

1 Measure Instrument

1 Bakelite rotary Switch

4 old Radio Tubes

1 470k Poti to dim the Led´s

1 Transistor BC546

3 Electronic Buttons


Solder Station, Hotglue and thin Cables

Sulfur Liver and Nitric Acid for Coloring

Step 2: The Phone

First we make an external Switch on the Phone.

Open the Case and find the original On/Off Switch. Solder 2 thin Cables there. Be careful, thats all small SMD Electronics and very quik the Parts get broken. Then solder the Cables on an external Switch. Close the Case and thats it.

Step 3: Preparing the Sphere

First, we cut a Brass Pipe for the Measuring Instrument. Search out a suitable Diameter ( Pic 5 ) and cut a Hole with this Diameter into the Sphere. Solder it. Make a small Copper Window with the inner Diameter of the Smartphone Display and solder it into the Sphere. ( Pic 6 ).

It is a little tweaking, but they take time and then it goes. ;)

Step 4: The Speaker

Here i have 2 old Housings from a Lamp Socket. Cut the upper Part in the Diameter of the Speakers and secure the Speakers with UV Glue in the Housing. Design the case as you want. Imade a Cross from Brass Wire over to fit the Speakers.

Look at :


for the complete Coloring!!!!!!

Step 5: The Wooden Base

I had an old Sign from a Door bell. The wood Form is a Copy of it. See the Pictures and you know what i mean ;)

Hollow the Wood to bring under : The Micromotor, Switches and a Arduino Nano. The two Brassballs on Pic 1 are the Switches for front and reverse the Player. Design with some Brass Ornaments or whatever you want. Pls Sry, but i dont have more Pictures from the inner and the Micromotor.

Let your fantasy free run and try something around. Important is later that the Housing turn around.I´ve used a Ball bearing.

Step 6: The Main Switch and the Measure Instrument

Decorate the Bakelite rotary Swith with Brass Gears or what you want. I added Swarowski Elements in Green and Red.

To transmit the Signals from the Amplifier on the Instrument, i turned the Transistor between. Now the Needle is dancing to the Music.

Step 7: The H-Bridge

Solder the L293D on a small Pcb like the Picture and connect later the Cables with Arduino and Motor.

Here is the Sketch for the Arduino and the Pins for the Switches.

I have used no limit switches because the place was too low. So i've made it about time control via arduino. The Dealay Time is the Time for a Turn of 180°

int taster=6;
int taster1=7; int tasterstatus=0; int tasterstatus1=0;

int motor1_A=9; !!

have I not used. It is for the speed of the motor. My engine has a constant speed and therefore you can let off pin 9

int motor1_A=11;
int motor1_B=10;
void setup()
pinMode(taster, INPUT);
pinMode(taster1, INPUT);
void loop()
if (tasterstatus1 == HIGH)
if (tasterstatus == HIGH)
digitalWrite(motor1_A,LOW); // 

Step 8: The Dimmer for the Led

Create the poti as you want. Important-->You kan turn it *gg

Step 9: Finishing

Now we will install everything. The Amplifier, the old Radio Tubes and the Led´s under. Then we glue the Smartphone in the Copper Window.

I know I'm writing so easy and on straight away it is also no easy matter but with some practice and imagination that works safely. I want to this contribution mainly your imagination stimulating to make something of their own. ;)

Step 10: Voila

Hihi, now its finish. I called it - Sputnik- an i hope you like it.

Many Thx for your Time and reading my 7th Instructable.

Your Leander Lavendel



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Очень красиво!!! Попробую тоже сделать что-нибудь похожее.

How did you get the LEDs inside the tubes without breaking the glass?


glue it with Hotglue between the Pins. Drill a small hole with a Diamond drill or use a SMD Led and glue it also with Hotglue on the Bottom between the Pins.These are now 3 paths and the same result :)

First, let me say that Leander Levendel has built a fine device, and I absolutely love it.

Unfortunately, whatever software was used to translate his instructions was not up to the task and the results are very difficult to understand. Is it possible for someone to get with Leander and re-write this so that this wonderful 'structable is more useful?

Hi jay1flagg2,

please excuse my bad, bad English but it's my old school English and therefore it is not the translator. Maybe they were just spelling errors that have crept ? As I said, I'm still happy to help and explain again what was not understood. ;)

That is FANTASTIC!!!! I will definitely attempt this one! Great instructions and pictures!

that's good !! If you have questions so please do not hesitate to ask ; )