Pimped Out Megaphone Helmet





Introduction: Pimped Out Megaphone Helmet

Here I show how you can very simply modify a megaphone to accept 1/8" line input from an iPod, and mount the megaphone on top of a motorcycle helmet. The resulting "Mega Helmet" delivers the maximal aural stupidity allowed by law.

Step 1: Get a Motorcycle Helmet

Get a motorcycle helmet. I picked up this Honda one at a yard sale for $5.

Step 2: Get a Megaphone

Get a megaphone. Here I am using a Radio Shack 32-2038A 10 watt one. It is pretty loud.

Step 3: Take Out the Guts

Remove the batteries and open the housing for the circuit board. This is accomplished by taking out 3 screws on the back of the megaphone.

Step 4: Prepare the 1/8" Plug

Trim the ends off of two lenghts of wire. Tin them and solder to the 1/8" plug. Ground goes to the outer of the two leads (here I have made ground the red wire, oops).

Step 5: Run Wire Into Circuit Board Housing

Remove the handle from the megaphone, drill a hole through it, and run the wires from the plug into the body of the megaphone.

Step 6: Solder the Wires Onto the Circuit Board

Solder the wires onto the circuit board. Ground goes to "ground" and the other wire from the plug goes to "in."

Step 7: Screw Everything Back Together

Reattach the handle to the base, and put the circuit board back in.

Step 8: Attach the Megaphone to the Top of the Helmet

Place the megaphone on top of the helmet and attach using copious amounts of duct tape. About 1/2 roll should be enough.

Step 9: Attach the Microphone

Put the microphone on the inside of the mouth portion of the helmet. Attach using wire. On this helmet it was really easy because there was already a mesh grill by the mouth.

Step 10: Mount the IPod

Put the iPod on top of the helmet, like the cherry on top, and attach the 1/8" M to 1/8" M cable to the plug on the megaphone.

Step 11: Play Softball

Go play softball wearing the helmet. It is very good for antagonizing the pitcher, and trash-talking in general. The helmet allows both for amplification of your voice, and playback of mp3s from the iPod.



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    How's that whiplash treatin ya?

    This is great, you should publish a video of the project in action.

    All you need is the laser collection sound effect. That is ALL! :D


    That is the coolest F**king thing iv'e ever seen

    "maximum aural stupidity allow by law" best quote!!!

    Sweeeet!! Maybe now I won't get beat up so bad by the cops at Truth rallies!

    Take that, Jake and Elwood!!