Picture of Pimped Out Megaphone Helmet
Here I show how you can very simply modify a megaphone to accept 1/8" line input from an iPod, and mount the megaphone on top of a motorcycle helmet. The resulting "Mega Helmet" delivers the maximal aural stupidity allowed by law.

Step 1: Get a motorcycle helmet

Picture of Get a motorcycle helmet
Get a motorcycle helmet. I picked up this Honda one at a yard sale for $5.
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zcheshire1 year ago
How's that whiplash treatin ya?

This is great, you should publish a video of the project in action.

All you need is the laser collection sound effect. That is ALL! :D
F-175 years ago
That is the coolest F**king thing iv'e ever seen
Toulouse6 years ago
"maximum aural stupidity allow by law" best quote!!!
abellicious6 years ago
Sweeeet!! Maybe now I won't get beat up so bad by the cops at Truth rallies!
Mr. Grumpus6 years ago
Take that, Jake and Elwood!!
look at me, im stupid!!
SWEET, I want one!
sajo6 years ago
Imagine riding a motorcycle with this on, annoying the people anywhere nearby
aplauche6 years ago
hahahaha! you are my hero i am building one of these TODAY i will let you know how it goes
1Scray6 years ago
I just found this and I must say that it is truly awesome. Add a couple beers, a public place and nothing good can come from it, this has so much Jackass potential it is not even funny..........IN SHORT I LOVE IT.
btop6 years ago
"The blues brothers! One night only" Im liking this.
This sounds great for parties and dorm room hi jinks, but don't wear this helmet while riding. It'll snap your neck in a fall. Also, the second incarnation has holes drilled into the helmet shell for brackets. The integrity of the helmet is now severely compromised.
well then just dont fall, he didnt mention ever riding a bike with it just playing soft ball with it. I wish i had a megaphone, this thing could be so much fun!
awkrin7 years ago
and what's the sue of this? I mean, if u'r gonna ride a bike while talking, noone will hear u. if u'r running, same thing, and the megaphone was made to stay the same.
btop awkrin6 years ago
2fst4u awkrin6 years ago
what are you talking about? of course people can hear you. thats the POINT of the contraption
fultron896 years ago
how is this feature only now? It's been FOUR YEARS. So worth it...
nighthunter6 years ago
Hey this is just what I need to night hunt with. I could hook up wild pig/other MP3 sounds and hunt with a 3MM/candle light power red lens spot light mounted on my scope, Generation 3 night vision glasses. This is the perfect red neck Christmas present.
Krazyklown6 years ago
Lol you should get a motorcycle and while driving to your college teams game scream out your team name...
baneat6 years ago
F1X0R7 years ago
Wonderful. But I think this might increase drag and full consumption a bit!
DIY Dave8 years ago
How much does a mega phone cost?
F1X0R DIY Dave7 years ago
if your in the uk rapidonline do them for about 50gbp.
he said in another comment that it was $99 in radio shack mite be better looking on ebay tho
juneapaluna7 years ago
Lol, nice idea.
i ride a goped and i think this would be a pretty nifty 'stereo' and redneck cell phone for while im riding. also a good way to persuade the pregnant mother to move her baby carriage off the sidewalk. (just kidding)
redneck cell phone hahaha
darkmuskrat7 years ago
I love the last picture :P i would hate to listen to this :D
loki2337 years ago
this is simultaneously the best and second or third to worst idea i ever heard of... :P one of a kind, dude. nice job!
Lol thats awsome
Hawaii000007 years ago
Ha ha ha I want one!!!!
This is amazing.
How much did the megaphone cost?
I know, I'm replying 19 months after you posted. Anyways, they are $99. Here it is from RadioShack's site: http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2103828&cp=&sr=1&origkw=powerhorn&kw=powerhorn&parentPage=search
talbotron22 (author)  chunkymuggen8 years ago
Why thank you. I have since upgraded this helmet significantly. I gave it a new paint job and added some electroluminescent wire for nighttime pizazz. Most importantly I have improved the way the megaphone is mounted by installing proper metal brackets. Basically I took a couple of 4" L braces, bent them to shape, then drilled holes into the helmet and bolted them on. A couple of big hose clamps from Home Depot were used to secure the megaphone to the brackets. Pix below.
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