This modern looking marvel is both functional and fashionable, and it's super-easy to make! This project will only take a minute - unless of course you're trying to avoid doing actual work at the office, in which case you can spend hours looking through photos to find just the right ones to display...

Step 1: Raid the Office Supply Room

You will need 8 medium size binder clips (measuring the black metal clip, the ones I used were 1 and a quarter inches wide)and 4 rubberbands. That's it.

Though if I were you I'd grab a handful of those fancy, expensive pens while at it...
so simple and so genius, those are the best ideas! <br>This Rocks!
i have the same pencle<br>
i love this idea... i am deffanlitly puting one in my locker at school, for when i loose all of my other pens/pencils
Very nice! Can't wait to "requisition" supplies! I also am hooked on this site,
thank you alot!!! mine came out great. hint: when your making it, it is easy to put a glue stick or highlighter in the center.
This is so cool!!! I made one at work today and am already getting compliments. I gave you props though.
Simple, but totally awsome!!!!
Craftastic! My vote just bumped you up to 6. Nice!
Awwww, shucks y'all. Thanks for the love everyone... This is my first week on here and I'm loving it so far - such a creative, encouraging community!
cute, luvs it!
cool, luvs it!
Thanks! Las Vegas, I never knew about that site, which will now be a very cool resource for me... :)
Pretty Cool but I don't think that this has any thing to do with a man that over sees the business of prostitution.
<strong>pimped</strong> (3) - To go all out on in a fashion manner.<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=pimped">Urban Dictionary</a><br/>

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