Pin Board With Rope Ornament and Personalized Header




Introduction: Pin Board With Rope Ornament and Personalized Header

What ?
Upgraded ordinary pinboard (cork board)

Why ?

To have more beautiful pin board than common, ordinary one.

What will be needed ?



Some decorational element - in my case - deer antlers found in the wood

Step 1: The Header

Pin board would look more professional with the header. The header can be empty, but then it has no sense. I recommend to add some 'thing' to personalize the header. You can glue there some toy, some other thing characteristic to You or liked by You-whatever. You can even write the topic on the header as for example: "Things to do" or "Butch's board' etc.

To make the header, take the small piece of the plywood, cut it to the size of the board and glue it with the glue gun. Header should be no more than 5-05% of the whole board height.

Step 2: Ornament

Ordinary boards aren't very attractive. Mainly because flat, uncolored pine frame.It can be changed by adding some ornaments. I recommend ornament made from rope, because pin board I'm presenting is made for my son, who likes such climate.

Step 3: That's All

OK, that's everything. Now You can hang Your's personalized pin board wherever You like :)



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