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Introduction: Pin Cushion Go Anywhere Pen

Make a travel pin cushion/case for your needles out of a pen in only a minute!

Step 1: Tools and Materials

You will need scissors, pliers, an old pen, a small piece of felt, and pins!

Step 2: Yoink!

Remove the ink cartridge from the pen.

Step 3: Cut the Pen to Desired Length

You can make the travel pen any length you want, but I like it cut a little longer than my pins at least. You don't have to cut it at all, but it may get lost with other pens if left normal length. Be sure to cut the top of the pen and not the bottom so that there isn't a hole where the bottom of the pen should be.

Step 4: Cut Felt to Size

Once the pen is the length you want it cut out a piece of felt that is almost as tall as your pen and about on inch wide.

Step 5: Stuff the Felt!

Roll the felt up tightly and cram it all the way into the pen. The felt should go all the way in. If you cut it too long or didn't roll the felt tightly enough it might just stick out half way like this. You don't want any extra sticking out at all. The felt should be in very tight so that a needle won't pull it out when you withdraw it. You could glue the felt, but it shouldn't be necessary.

Step 6: Voila!

You are done. Time to venture forth into the wide world pins at the ready!

Step 7: Other Ideas

I didn't add any decoration to the pen in the picture, but gluing patterned paper or fabric around the pen barrel and cap would be really pretty.

If you have a lot of needles of different sizes you can organize them by using different colored pen caps.



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    Good idea, i just made one of these! Although i couldnt cut the barrel, so i snapped it off and sanded it down. for the fabric, i used my leftover materials from a sock holder instructable. i'm thinking of putting some thread at the top of the cap, so i can sew on teh go! since there are holes at the top of the cap, i can use a needle and push it out if the thread gets stuck

    1 reply

    Sweeeeeeeeettttt ........... :D

    This is awesome! I'm actually about to travel with my cross stitch, so I'm definitely going to try this. Thanks!! :)

    4 replies

    SCORE! I just finished this, and I used a clear-ish pen so it's uber cool. (No camera available, otherwise I'd share). At least with the pen I used, I took off the grip area so I didn't have to cut anything and it's still shorter than the average pen. :)

    If you get a chance to please post an image! I'd love to see it. Thanks so much for trying it out too. :)

    Here ya go! I used masking tape ( I <3 masking tape) to keep the pins from falling out. I'm not home, so I don't have any felt to keep the pins in. Also, the black and purple thing behind pen pin cushion is a mechanical pencil, as to give an idea as to the size. Thank you, Goosezilla, for such a great idea. :)


    Ah excellent! I need to figure out a way to do a whole pen that could keep string or something in the bottom of it, maybe add a bit more practicality.

    With certain pens, the pins might fall out of the holes in the pen cover, no? Still a great idea, though!

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    Well the needles could fall out, except the felt is tight enough it keeps everything pretty darn secure. It could happen of course.