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Introduction: PinBrick

Hello everyone, can you imagine bricks without any limit for create incredible sculptures? I hope you can, and here is solution for that.

And, idea is to make this project open-source, to print this bricks around the world.

Step 1: Types of Bricks

At this moment, I have 45 types of bricks, but we can produce more crazy shapes after.

Step 2: Test Print

I can only print few bricks, the problem is that I don't own 3D printer, and that is reason why is this project still in concept phase.

Step 3: Conclusion

My idea is to provide something unique,something that will change limits of "bricks-toys". And it will be available for everyone, just to press download and print.

This type of cube is created after the questions, "how to improve the development of the child". And I think is this good solution.

I hope you like my idea.



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    WHY do they look like lego bricks man

    Because they are bricks but if you look carefully, they are very different than LEGO

    looks great, ingenious design. What did you use to render the images?

    Thanks, for rendering I use Keyshot

    very cool! we will see how they compare to Legos...

    Well, I searched all internet, but I didn't find anything similar to Lego bricks, I hope I did not miss anything B)

    tried any other shapes? pyramids, etc.

    Not yet, but some new shapes are on paper, first task is to make correct primary bricks from pictures B)

    you might want to include some the stl files for the bricks