Guilt ridden by the senseless destruction of these beautiful creatures, I’ve created this lamp as a memorial for all of the candy crazed destruction of my youth.  

Made mainly out of soda bottles and hot glue, this provides a festive alternative to the normal luminary selection.

Step 1: Stuff You'll Need

• 3 – 1 liter soda bottles (empty & rinsed)
• 2 – 20 ounce soda bottles (empty & rinsed)
• 1 – short strand of white Christmas lights
• Hot glue gun & about 60 hot glue sticks
• 4 rolls clear tape
• Transparent glass paint in varying colors & paintbrush
• Cutting instruments (Scissors, Xacto blade, hack saw with thin blade, or whatever works for you)
I love it!!!!!! <3
I'm in love , Love, LOVE with this Pinata Lamp!!!<br> <br> <em><strong>Excellent</strong></em>&nbsp;work!!!<br> <br>
Oh my gosh, I love this so much! Is there a smell when it's lit? Or danger of it melting?
Thanks for checking out my post! Nope, there is no smell when the lamp is lit and I used a low temperature christmas light - so even in the enclosure of the lamp it never gets hot enough to melt or warp the plastic.

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