Step 2: Cutting & Attaching the Soda Bottles

Picture of Cutting & Attaching the Soda Bottles
2B - Letter Placement.jpg
Take the soda bottles and slice them up according to the diagram.  An Xacto blade works well for most parts of the soda bottle, but you may want a hack saw or a heavy kitchen knife to cut through the thicker bottle base and cap areas.

Use clear tape to tack the bottles together according to the picture (start with the legs, then move onto the head).  After you have everything taped in place and you are sure that everything is symmetrical, use hot glue to reinforce to connections. 

Cut a slice in the main body bottle wherever you’d ultimately like the electric cable to come out.  I had mine come out of the piñata’s bum, but you may prefer it coming out of the back.

If you plan on hanging the piñata, attach a hanging loop to the back of the piñata’s neck (notice how I had to adjust the loop placement from the beginning to end to allow for balanced hanging).