Step 3: Taping, Gridding & Inserting the Lights

Use scotch tape to cover the hollow sides of the inner legs, nose, ears, and neck..  Be sure to leave the front chest cavity open for now.

Then use hot glue on the taped areas to create a thin 1/2” grid (this adds structure to the hollow areas while maintaining its light weight).  You may want to use low heat hot glue for the taped areas, to ensure that the glue doesn’t melt/distort the tape.

Attach the front chest cavity door and use tape as a hinge on one side.  Using an Xacto blade, cut an entry from the main body bottle upward into the head area.  Take your Christmas lights and shove them inside of the piñata head/body, with the cord coming out of the appropriate hole.
I love it!!!!!! <3
I'm in love , Love, LOVE with this Pinata Lamp!!!<br> <br> <em><strong>Excellent</strong></em>&nbsp;work!!!<br> <br>
Oh my gosh, I love this so much! Is there a smell when it's lit? Or danger of it melting?
Thanks for checking out my post! Nope, there is no smell when the lamp is lit and I used a low temperature christmas light - so even in the enclosure of the lamp it never gets hot enough to melt or warp the plastic.

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