Step 4: Layering Hot Glue & Painting

Picture of Layering Hot Glue & Painting
4B - PinataLamp - LightsOff.jpg
4C - PinataLamp - LightsOn - CloseCrop.jpg
Next, get comfortable and prepare to go through a lot of hot glue sticks. 
Cover the entire piñata in 1.5-2” rows of vertical hot glue stripes.  If the glue is too hot and the stripes are melting into each other, space the stripes out and wait for them to cool before going back to fill-in with more stripes.  Make sure that the door on the front chest cavity can still open and use hot glue around the door to fill in any gaps. After completely covering the pinata in hot glue stripes, use scotch tape the secure the front cavity door shut.

For the eyes, you can either hot glue directly onto the pinata or make round hot glue buttons separately and then attach them to the face.

Use your choice of transparent stained glass paint to paint the glue rows in alternating colors.  I used Gallery Glass paints from Michaels & a bargain bin stained glass paint kit. Be careful combining different brands of paint, because mine curdled when mixed - so I had to paint in alternating layers and drying in between in order to achieve the shades I desired.You may need to do multiple coats of paint to get the desired level of color intensity (i used MANY layers). After drying completely, plug in your lamp and enjoy your festive light.  Fiesta time!