For my systems and control project for GCSE I made a pinball machine. This was a very cool project... if a not a little stressful sometimes. But I spent a lot of time on this project and thought it was defiantly worth sharing. I based my pinball machine on the science fiction comedy red dwarf as it is one of my favorite shows. However my classmates based there pinball machines on different subjects so it is a good project no matter what your interests are.

Step 1: Prototype

I highly recommend making a prototype.I did this by laser cutting cardboard sheets. Cardboard is much cheaper than using acrylic and I had to make lots of changes before I was satisfied enough to make the final product. I made 2 cardboard prototypes and I analysed both thoroughly. I looked at the size function and practicality of each element of the machine.

<p>Cool game. Pin ball games are so diverse that you can make just about any thing that you want.</p>
Thank you! Yes I love playing on different themed pinball machines! :)

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