My cosplay/ costume of DIsney Pixars Princess Merida of Dunbroch!

I just love her independent and tom-boy-ish character. Her story is lovely and the more often I see the landscape the more I want to go back visit scotland!!
Her personalilty fits me to good to be true and so it was decided! My new cosplay.

Step 1:

Reference pics of Merida from Disney Pixars BRAVE!
I decided to do her main dress from the movie. Petrol canvas it is! There is so much more happening and meaning in this dress. Let's see how I can do ...
How did you translate the small image into a pattern size image?
<p>if you are not into constructing patterns like me then always do a pretest!! i used some cheap nessel fabric to transfer the pattern idea onto and sewed this `fake&acute; dress. altered it and then copied the pieces onto the correct fabric</p>
<p>Really nice work on the costume! :)</p>
<p>Omg this is great! My Brother's fiancee would love this!</p>
<p>thank you so much guys for all this nice and kind feedback! I am happy to hear that you are interested in my instructable and you liked it.</p><p>If you would like to see some special cosplay crafting tutorial, please let me know in the comments or stop by at my fb page :D :</p><p>https://www.facebook.com/KionCosplay</p>
<p>how cool that the ible right before yours (on the email) shows you how to make a BOW!)</p>
<p>2 wins at a time,hun?^^</p>
<p>Smoking hot young lady! Hhhhhhhummanah! </p>
<p>thx a lot X'D</p>
<p>Merida is my favorite Disney character! GREAT job on the costume.</p>
<p>Merida is just great! And thank you so much! &lt;3</p>
FYI your beautiful!
thank you so much :3
Where do you live? I'm very crafty as well I received my <br>Fine arts degree from the u of o and like many people<br>I have a job now that totally doesn't have anything to do <br>With the degree they received, I sell wine now haha. So <br>I always am creating some new costume to get my creative<br>Juices flowing. I loved what you did in your instructable.<br>I wish I had more cool girls around me like you
Hey. It is always a cool thing to get inspired, because of sitting,talking and brainstorming with other creative people. That what I enjoy so much..at least^^ <br>I live in germany.so yeah. <br>just go for with your plans!try to do the best you can with all the costumes you'd like to do
Wow Germany , I've always wanted to visit there. I live <br>In Portland Oregon . How long have you lived in Germany ?
<p>Hiya Vespaking, we are practically neighbors. I am just a half an hour away in Camas. Love the tutorial also.</p>
Portland? I know someone there actually from my semester abroad in sweden^^ <br>How long? All my life. I am from germany. :)
Portland is amazing, the beach are 1 hour to the west<br>The mountains to sky are an hour to the east . We have <br>Desert type land a few hours away and a beautiful gorge<br>An hour away you should look up pictures of the gorge<br>It's beautiful
<p>Really pretty. Wish I could be Merida someday.</p>
<p>Very nice !</p>
Almost thought that was you're real hair
very well done...actualy it is easy for any beautiful girl to look like princess with a little decorative stuffs...and you look cute princess...great article
<p>I love this! I have naturally really curly red hair, and am also from a long line of Irish and Scottish lineage. Absolutely beautiful tutorial. :D</p>
Really neat
All of it looks beautiful! I love that wig!!! So did you make a complete underdress as well? I see a cutout piece in step 2.
Thx Penolopy. The wig is my love!It's fun to wear it. <br>The original design + the age would call for a complete underdress, including the sleeves and such, but I just only did an quick skirt from all the leftover fabric.

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