What is a (natural) harmonic?

A natural harmonic is a musical note played by preventing or amplifying vibration of certain overtones of a guitar string.  They are usually played by lightly placing a finger on a string at a nodal point (where the string is divided in ½, ¼, etc.).  When picked,  the string vibrates at a higher frequency than the fundamental tone causing a higher pitched overtone.

What is a pinch harmonic?

A pinch harmonic is a guitar technique in which the player's thumb or index finger on the picking hand slightly catches the string at a nodal point near the pickups after it is picked which cancels the fundamental tone of the string, and lets one of the overtones dominate. The result is a high pitch squeal.

Step 1: Amp or Pedal Settings

Turn up the gain on your amplifier or use a distortion pedal.  

(Note: The more distortion, the easier it is to play a pinch harmonic.)
<p>Looks like one of my old Epiphone E-Series guitars. *Sniff* Miss that baby.</p>
Tricky technique to explain, but you did a great job and sweet guitar!
nice guitar what type is it . o good instructables
It's an Epiphone Explorer with EMG pickups
It looks like a dean ml xm
Cool Instructable. A video or sound recording would be really helpful to people who might not know what this is supposed to sound like.

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