Introduction: Pinch Pot Birds

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By; Ricky Castillo, Jasmin Diaz, and Mya Caetano.

Step 1: Size

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Grab clay the size of a tennis ball and roll it into a ball until smooth.

Step 2: How to Start

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Push your thumb into the center of the ball of clay (firmly). Enough

Step 3: Forming

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One you've made your beginning hole, keep stretching it open until the walls around and beneath are equally thick.

Step 4: Example

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It should look somewhat like this.

Step 5: Shaving

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Cut the rim of the pot to make it smooth and straight.

Step 6:

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Cut as much as you need to make it straight.

Step 7: Example

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The rim should look something like this after.

Step 8: Forming

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Scorn and split the edge of the pot.

Step 9: Continue

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Place the two edges together.

Step 10: Glueing

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Place the vinegar on both sides and hold them together.

Step 11: Continue

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Once the edges are firmly attached to each other, then scorn and split the top of the seal again.

Step 12: Role a Piece of Clay

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Make it long enough to cover the split on top.

Step 13: Solidifing

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Place the slim piece of clay where the rims were once to solidify the bond together.

Step 14: Smooth Out the Split

Picture of Smooth Out the Split

With your fingers smooth the top of the body.

Step 15: Continue

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Make it as smooth as possible.

Step 16: Forming the Body

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Use force to shape the body to make it look like a bird. Raise the back of the bird to make a tail.

Step 17: Example

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Final look .

Step 18: Shaping the Head

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Raise the front of the body to make it look like a head. Pinch the front of the face to make a beak.

Step 19: Final Steps

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Make two small holes in the front of the birds neck. It is used for you to pour out what ever you put in it. Salt, pepper, or etc.

Step 20: Final Steps

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You can use a tool or not to make a hole on the bottom. It is used to fill the bird with anything you want.

Step 21: Example After

Picture of Example After

The hole should look like this.


pfred2 (author)2016-09-21

I had to check this out to see what a pinch pot bird was. I think I might know now? It is a shaker of some kind, isn't it?

MrsStearns (author)pfred22016-09-28

Yes, it's a shaker. You can add salt, pepper, or anything you would like to add!

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