Need to make a last minute gift for an avid seamstress, tailor, quilter, or needworker? Or maybe you're an avid fabric manipulator and need some ideas on how to spruce up the sewing desk? Here are a few pincushions to suit almost any flavor, and many are incredibly adorable, easy, and fast, which are the best kind!
Cupcake in a Teacup Pincushion (recycled/upcycled/repurposed!) style
This instructable provides directions to use recycled wool felt with a neat vintage container (soup bowl or teacup) to create a nice weighty pincushion. Just in time for mother's day, a tutorial that ...
Rubik's cube style pincushion style
All sewers need a place to keep their pins. Why use one of those dull, boring store bought tomato pincushions when you can have something with a bit more pizazz. Remember the hours (or days/weeks) try...
How To Make A Baseball Pincushion style
I  was facinated by the cross stitching on a regulation baseball and wanted to duplicate it as a decorative stitch. After making several practice items, shown later, I decided how better to show the b...
Make your own Personal Pin Cushion Ring! Always looking for your pin cushion while sewing? This Personal Pin Cushion may be worn while you sew---keeping your pins and needles within reach. This rec...
SewUseful, easy and practical a pin cushion made using just 1 square of fabric. style
SewUseful, easy and practical, a pin cushion in lovely lilac woollen fabric made using just 1 square of fabric.Why ever didnt you get one before, or make one even, really i should have done this years...
Pincushion Cuff Tutorial style
This pincushion cuff is my favorite sewing accessory! Just strap it on and get busy sewing. It goes where you go, so you won't find yourself frustrated when you are standing there holding an area t...
Poke-Me Pincushion with wristband style
I know there are a million different pincushions out there and that stray pins can easily be poked into almost any nearby object, but I also know that pins can walk and after finding them in all sorts...
The Chick Pincushion! style
Peep peep peep! This project is unbelievably fast, easy, and fun, and the end product is sooooooooo cute!! One of the best things about it is that you can use leftover fabric scraps to put something r...
1-UP mushroom pincushion/plush style
This is my first time making an instructable so please bear with me if I am not thorough enough in my explanations. When I was working on a dress for my sister-in-law I decided I was tired of reach...
Breadbaord Pincushion style
This breadboard doubles as a pincushion, or vice-versa. The pincushion design has strips of conductive fabric adhered to its surface, so that metal pins or component contacts that protrude through the...