Hello guys
this is my first Instructable and this is my CKG its a small knex gun with mag.
the mag holds 5 grey connectors.
This gun uses 1 custom part. You wil find it on the first step. I dont know if you dont HAVE to cut that part.. you could try it without cutting it.

( credit to knexfreek for pros and no's list)

mag fed
true trigger


small handle (can be made bigger)
1 broken piece (optional)
range isn't great

Step 1: Handle/Mag

Pic 1: Front view
Pic 2: Side view
Pic 3: Another side view

Step 2: Barrel

pic 1: Front view
pic 2: Side view
pic 3: another side view
pic 4: upper view
pic 5: under view
pic 6: take these
pic 7: and put them there

Step 3: Trigger

pic 1: upper view
pic 2: front view
pic 3: side view
pic 4: another side view
pic 5: under view

Step 4: Assemble

pic 1: take the handle and the barrel
pic 2: take 4 green rods
pic 3: put them as shown on both panels
pic 4: take the trigger
pic 5: put it on as shown
pic 6: push the red connector to the side panel
pic 7: take a y connector
pic 8: put it on as shown
pic 9: good work! almost done...

Step 5: Firing Pin, Mag Pusher and Rubberbands.

Almost done!
pic 1: build that
pic 2: put it there
pic 3: another view
pic 4: make the mag pusher
pic 5: put it in
pic 6: make the firing pin
pic 7: put it in as shown
pic 8: put the rubberband on the firing pin
pic 9: put a rubberband on the trigger
pic 10: take your ammo... ( grey connectors)
pic 11: put the ammo in the mag, push your mag pusher in it, put a rubberband on the mag pusher and SHOOT!

Thanks for making!
<p>Alsom gun yeah!But there is one question.How do you know how to build this knex gun? (I am just asking you,I'm being kind to you). I will rate it 5 stars ,100% confindence and 100% fabulous making.</p>
<p>I just made it up..</p>
best pistol eVER
<p>Me to I fell like it is the best knex gun ever!</p>
<p>Haha thanks man!</p><p>I can recommend you some other ones too if you'd like (which are miles better than this one.).</p>
<p>I will try and build it to see it is cool,I will post my comment later. bye bye</p>
<p>THIS IS EPIC.</p>
<p>This is good.I always like mini knex guns.</p>
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deze ga ik maken O,o awsome *5
Ok&eacute; dan.
werkt super ty voor posten
Semi Auto right?
I had to rebuild it again! This is still our #1 choice for a Knex War Pistol. Powerful, compact, with fair capacity and easily modifiable (mine has a slightly longer barrel, and a larger capacity, up to 9 rounds (one in the barrel, 8 in the clip), and the handle straightened a bit) A fair gun, if I say so my self.
Thanks man. It makes me happy if someone makes my gun. Again. =)
Hey, it fits in my category of 'powerful enough'. I'm not looking to leave welts on my opponents. Just to blast them with a pistol shooting connectors is good enough (they use sticks, I use connectors. You can see why they hate this gun), followed by having decent enough range to hold my own, and when combined with the barely-jamming magazine, it's impressive.
My current project is a Knex gun that doesn't require Knex to construct. Basically, a weapon that fires Knex the same way one normally would, but its not made out of the same material.
neva mind i just built it and i c that u dont need it
do u have to&nbsp;connect a white&nbsp;rod the two green connectors and through the grey rod? (do u know wat i meen?)
This is the great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandchild of the gun that killed Abraham Lincoln.
Yay!<br />
Peanutbutter.<br />
For your first knex gun posted on INSTRUCTABLES!!!! nice one it's a very basic gun but it looks compact small handy when your in a fight with your brother because he took your psp game LOL but i love the design its small woohoo i can take it to school and shoot my teacher
Lol.... shoot my teacher :D
&nbsp;i cock it twice so theres 2 bullets in the barrel then I add more ammo to the mag
take a TAS gun, if those are confiscated you will not lose many pieces.
Yeah, I hope he was kidding or he's going to get in some serious trouble.
I warn you, the original does seem a little small, but don't let that fool you. Though, I wanted mine just a tad longer, a little stronger (I'm using a couple pilfered rubber bands from my flying-field's band-box... Don't tell anyone). And it's not too hard to build. It's fun, I shot Dad with it (he's used to my single shots, so he's built himself one of those revolvers) and he stood there laughing, till I pulled back and shot again. This morning, I went Dad-hunting and got him with 9 rounds (one in the chamber, 8 in the modded clip) and scared the heck out of him. Though, I have noticed the rounds do occasionally like to jam on me.
My dad would kill me if i shot him :P
i would get stabbed many times if i shot mine (unless he told me to shoot him)
Lol xd
My dad wouldn't care, it would just bounce off his belly.<br />
Lol. Is he that fat? ( No offence)<br />
I was kidding.&nbsp;
-.-''<br />
check out m first gun i ever posted
Wow, this is a neat little gun!
Sorry but i'm not English and i don't know what neat is. :(<br />
Het ziet er goed en verzorgt uit&nbsp;
neat is not messy. (in other words, not my room!) pistol looks fancy. (fancy = neat, expensive, good, impressive, unorthadox (in a good way))<br />
&nbsp;,neat is like a combination of cool and cute. if it is cool and cute it is neat :)
In that context it means &quot;great!&quot;<br /> Great gun!

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