The footstool is probably the piece of furniture that most often goes unnoticed...

its not quite like your favorite chair or the desk you work at, even though it serves similar functions...

You may not even use it everyday, but when you want to put your feet up,

or reach for a book on the highest shelf,

its an under appreciated convenience to have one of these crickets at hand.

The following tutorial is a revision of a prototype I built a while back.  This time around It took about a week to build, working a few hours a day, taking time to snap photographs and record video throughout most of the process.  Hopefully these instructions will help you cut down the time it takes to build your very own foot stool.

as of 01-03-2013 this is still a work in progress, there are some steps which still need clarification.

Step 1: Materials & Tools


3 - 40cm x 1 x 10" kiln dried and dimensioned solid pine wood
4 - 45cm[aprox] x 1 x 1" kiln dried and dimensioned solid pine wood

1 - jeans pant leg[aprox]
x - thread for sewing

1 - used yoga mat

3 - letter size card stock


1 - tenon saw (sierra de costilla)
2 - 4" clamp (prensa 4 pulgadas)
1 - 8mm drill bit (diameter)
1 - hole saw 2 1/2" diameter (broca de copa 65mm)

1 - jig saw (sierra caladora)
1 - sewing machine (maquina de coser)
1 - drill (taladro)

1 - pencil
1 - box cutter
1 - rule
1 - (ángulo)
1 - compass
4 - markers [preferibly different colors]

1 - rubber mallet
x - sand paper (papel lija)
x - spare blocks of wood for clamping and sanding
In the North East of England we have stools called "crackets". "Cracket" has various explanations but when the wooden stool hits a stone floor it goes "crack". Have a look at http://woolshed1.blogspot.co.uk/2009/08/northumberland-traditions-making.html
Very cool! I need a footstool! I am always using the coffee table.
I love this cricket!!! It is extremely useful to rest your feet or to climb to reach for books or something at the high end of a shelf. <br>A very good addition to the home.

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