Introduction: PineCraft - Pi Based MCPC Sever

Hi everyone today i will show you how you can host your own MCPC server on your RPi.

Its compatible with Kodi.(Tested with RaspBMC).

Step 1: SSH(ing):

First of all you need to find the IP of your Pi


1.Go to 'System'

2.In the menu under the button select 'System Information'

3.See the text written after 'IP address'

4.Thats your IP

Other OS(s)

Well you can find a tutorial online easily.


Download Putty



Open it

Type the IP you found in the previous tutorial in the box 'Host Name(or IP address)

Well leave everything else as it is.

You can do a save if you want.

Now the screen should be something like

Go and press Open

Well Done!!!! (If you did it right it will ask you your username)

Step 2: Installing Java:

Well now we have to install java for the RPi.

1.Login : UserName - pi Password - raspberry (can be different with different OS(s)

2.Add RPi Foundation Repo - Type in 'sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list' (without ')

Now in that file add a line 'deb wheezy main untested' (without ')

3. Finally run 'sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install oracle-java7-jre'

Well Done Again.. (If you even reached till here)

Step 3: Get MC

Well im using MC Forge so here's how to setup

Download the latest version of forge for the version of MCPC you have.

Open it

Now select Install Server

Select a new folder.

Something like this should be seen:

Go to the folder find a tutorial how to setup MCPC forge server's

Set it up

Use a method to get the folder on your RPi.

Launch Up putty again.

Steps to do everytime when you wanna launch the server

1.Open the folder using the cmd 'cd'

2.Last CMD 'java -Xmx256M -Xms256M -jar Nameofmcforgejar.jar'

Note:Replace Nameofmcforgejar.jar with the name of the jar of forge you have. eg:


Well have fun !!!

Recommendation: Overclock to 900Mhz for better performance...


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