This is a fun, simple and fast project to do at home.
The plus sides:
-you get to play with food
-you eat healthy fruit
-it's super easy and fast to make
-you have a nice dish to present to any guests

The down side:
-you will probably need to go shopping for food (but who doesn't :P)

Step 1: The things you'll need

So here is the list of ingredients and "tools" you'll need to prepare your Pineapple Paradise!

The ingredients:
-as many pineapples as people eating ( the palm tree)
-some black grapes (the coconuts)
-a watermelon (to carve into whatever you like)
-any fruit you want to put in the fruit salad (apple, mango, apricot, banana,... you can think of what you like)
-powder cinamon
-vanilla sugar
-cookies or crackers (for the sand)
-any blue drink (for the sea)

The utensils:
-a big flat transparent or white dish
-sharp knives to cut and peal all the fruit
-a spoon
-a mortar and pestle or any replacement for that (to crush the cookies or crackers)
-transparent plastic film
-any inedible decorations you want

Creative Instructable! Thanks for sharing.
Very eye-catching! Nice job.
Thank you very much!

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