This quilt pattern can be made as large or small, complicated or simple as you like.  It is similar to a log cabin style block, in that it starts with a central square and then grows larger by sewing stirps of fabric out from the middle. 
   I chose to break up the pattern into 3 color groups. Each blocks center and corners are the reds. The "X" shape that crosses diagonally through the block are my darks (blacks and navy blues).  The "+" shape that crosses horizontal/vertical are miscallaneous colors, so long it's not dark. This is to accentuate the contrast, which really makes the "pineapple" effect pop.
  I can't give exactly quantities of fabric needed, as this was all made out of my scrap fabrics.  It also would depend on what size project you want to make with this block.
   My finished quilt is comprised of 30 blocks each about 16 1/2 sq inches.  It start with a middle square that's 3 1/4" X 3 1/4".  I cut the strips
1 1/2" wide, and generally as long as possible. 
   Besides the fabric and your sewing machine, you will also need an iron, a rotary cutter, self healing matt, and a quilter's ruler (mine is 6" X 18"). 

Step 1: Cut the Center Square

Like I said, for my quilt, my center squares were 3 1/4" sq.  If you want smaller or larger center squares, feel free to do so. It won't effect the following instructions, it will change your final dimensions.  It is very important in this first step to make sure your corners are all perfect right angles, and the opposite sides are paralell.  My blocks always turn out a little wonky, but I find if I make sure I start out perfectly square, I am better off in the end.
<p>Thank you for such a clearing, helpful tutorial. I hope my quilt turns out as well as your beautiful example. Lovely colours and a true scrap harvester. </p>
<p>I have a question . The first light round was 1 1/2 inches wide, then the dark round was 1 1/4 inch wide should the width of the light and dark strips be alternating widths . Or all the same?</p>
<p>Excellent instructions! Thank you! The photos help so much! Beautiful :-)</p>
<p>Awesome instructions! I can't wait to make one myself. Thanks so much. I've been wanting to make one for a long time.</p>
<p>This is the most simple and perfect tutorial for Pineapple log cabin!!!!! Thank you very much!!!</p>
<p>Splendid! Yes, you have helped TREMENDOUSLY. Thank you.</p>
This is a wonderful quilt pattern and you can really see the pineapple. <br>Just one question, if you used red for the center block and the corners how does the white go into it. <br>Thanks for the step by step instructions. I might just be able to use up all my scraps.
Wow, this looks gorgeous! <br />I love quick-stripping quilt blocks, and didn't realize I could do something this complicated-looking with that type of method. Thanks for sharing - maybe I'll try it once I (finally) finish the quilt that's sitting in my closet. ;)

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