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It's a sniper, it's a pistol, no! It's PineapplebobTheGreat's sniper pistol!

Okay, so here is my new gun. It started out as another sniper, but then I decided to take of some pieces to make it a pistol, then I didn't like the pistol, so I made it kind of a mix of the both. I was looking for something small but still pretty powerful. With two rubberbands doubled up, it reached 16 feet. I normally use four so it shoots past 30. The front portion of the gun is slightly tilted upwards, giving it the ability to reach farther.

Here is an exact piece list:

Connectors and Others
Yellow: 55
White: 40
Grey 1-slots: 32
Orange: 26
Red: 32
Grey 2-slots: 2
Y connectors: 6
Tan clips: 15
Grey gears: 2
Spacers: 3

White: 62
Green: 107
Red: 4
Grey: 1
Yellow: 5
Blue: 7

Total 384 pieces

Step 1: The Handle

Picture of The Handle

You really just have to follow the pictures on this one. The handle is very comfortable and actually holds strong.

Step 2: The Trigger

Picture of The Trigger

Once again, this is a pretty easy step. It's a nice strong trigger.

1: Gather these pieces.
2: Connect
3: Connect
4: Slide the blue rod in.
5: Make sure the red connectors are above the blue rod snapped in on the back (sorry for blurry pic)

Step 3: The Butt and Top Rail.

Picture of The Butt and Top Rail.

This step provides a lot of strength to the gun so it can withstand more rubberbands.

1: The finished product.
2: Gather the parts.
3: Connect.
4: Make these.
5: Connect.
6: Connect.
7: Gather parts.
8: Connect.
9: Attach.
10: Make this.
11: Attach.

Step 4: The Scope

Picture of The Scope

It's really simple. There are 24 red connectors total on a gray rod.

Step 5: The Barrel

Picture of The Barrel

It's pretty basic, but holds up well.

Step 6: The Front and the Fake Barrel.

Picture of The Front and the Fake Barrel.

Here is the front of the gun and the fake barrel.

1: The completed project.
2: Gather these parts.
3: Connect here.
4: Connect this on again.
5: Gather these parts.
6: Slide the orange connectors onto the rods.
7: Connect the final side to make the fake barrel.
8: Attach the fake barrel to the other part that you just made.

Step 7: The Magazine Block

Picture of The Magazine Block

This part of the gun swings open and closes to block the magazine from falling off if the gun is dropped. It swings open so that you can insert a new magazine when you need to.

1: What you will be making.
2: Make these parts.
3: Connect the two parts that were together on the right in the last picture.
4: Connect the piece in the middle of picture two to the piece you just made.
5: Finally, connect the last two pictures.

Step 8: Magazine

Picture of Magazine

It's a nice magazine, and it jams about 1/10 times. The pusher is a lot like the one from the FN Scar, so I'm giving some credit to the maker of that gun.

1: The magazine. You should be able to make it with this pic only, but there's another picture showing the side.
2: The magazine on the side.
3: The pusher.
4: Another view of the pusher.
5: The completed project

Step 9: The Firing Rod

Picture of The Firing Rod

The Firing Rod is pretty simple. First get a red rod and snap a grey 1-slot connector onto the end of it. Slide another red rod through the hole in the grey connector. There should be 5 silver spacers and 1 blue spacer on each side of the grey connector. Slide a gear onto each end of the red rod. Be sure to tape it together. Otherwise it will break apart.

Step 10: Connect

Picture of Connect

This step will show you how to connect the gun.

1: Get the parts from step 1 and step 3.
2: Connect them as shown in the picture.
3: Connect the barrel to the part in step 7.
4: Connect what you have so far.
5: Here's a close up of where you have to connect.
6: Connect the part in step 6 to what you have so far.
7: Attach the scope.
8: Attach the scope (continued)
9: Slide the firing pin in.

Step 11: HOW TO's

How to attach the magazine Snap off the two oranges on the magazine block and swing it off. Snap the two green rods on the orange parts of the magazine onto the white connectors on the barrel. Replace the magazine cover and you're set.

How to load Pull the pusher out and set it on top of the magazine. Let the bullets (blue rods) fall into the magazine. The magazine holds a lot, but I suggest only putting ten or less because any higher than ten, it starts to jam a lot. Replace the pusher and you're set.

How to fire Pull the firing pin back and kind of bend it down until it catches onto the yellow connectors near the back of the gun. Make sure you don't pull it out of the barrel. Then pull the trigger and the firing pin will lift up and fire.

"How to place the rubber bands" Stretch rubber bands around both sides of the firing pin handle. Put them just about anywhere. Stretch one rubber band around the trigger and put it just about anywhere. Stretch rubber bands around the yellow connectors on the pusher. Pull it up to the white rod sticking out of the mag.


The Creatornator (author)2009-10-09

stockless rifle

Not realy.. . even with a stock, it would be too small to be a rifle.

does't really matter anyway

spricer988 (author)2009-08-30

nice : D ... .

knexsniper1 (author)2009-03-21

My pistol can easily shoot up to 45 to 50 feet. once i got it to shoot 60 feet, but only once. And i only use one rubberband! See if anyone wants to build it. It has a mag to and a working sight. Most people don't think that a scope or sight can work on a knex gun, but on most guns, they actually can

ok cool, i'll build it.

Of course his last post is on my b day...

DJ Radio (author)Der Bradly2009-08-10

Which is 1 month after my bday...

the one that i posted, the pistol, can not shoot up to 60+ feet. i put on different rubberband. remember, this is with only one rubberband.

knexsniper1 (author)knexsniper12009-04-06

with the new rubberband, the average is 60+ feet, so it is improved

Thnx! This is a pretty good pistol too, i built it when i was building your sniper, the sniper wasn't working, but this pistol worked, i got it to shoot about 60 feet with two #64 rubberbands. nice pistol! Unfortunatly, i had to take it apart to build my sniper, i need all the pieces i can spare. maybe some other time i can build it again. great job!

ILIKEPIE333 (author)2009-03-27


ILIKEPIE333 (author)2009-03-27

no offence, the mag kinda sucks

minime12358 (author)2008-08-25

Cool Looking gun, but it barely shoots.

barely shoots? I got it to shoot well...

It's true, most guns get past 30 ft easily, 16-30ft is not that great

no offense dude but 16-30 ft. isn't great.

Well I put the firing rod on the whites because it could not catch the yellows. If I put enough rubber bands for it to shoot, It does not catch the whites. Also, How do you rate. I want to rate the design.

The guns that I make don't really have a design, but if you like it, go ahead and rate. The rate stars are right next to your comment. Here's how I make my guns: 1: Make a barrel 2: Make a magazine 3: Make a handle. 4: Start randomly building around the gun. 5: See if you can fit a trigger in to it. 6: Try and make it sturdy. That's all I do. It's not very planned out...

I meant how cool the gun looks.

minime12358 (author)minime123582008-08-25

Also, Sorry for the Slight spam, but how do you rate?

jollex (author)2008-07-11

I don't Like It. Now here is why.
It has the power of a pistol in the size of a very big pistol. 16 feet with 2 doubled up rubberbands is not a lot.

Yeah. But with four, you can get over 45 feet.

Most snipers can shoot about 75 with two.

But those are only the ones with sligshot. It is almost the same with any barrels.

No, Slingshots can go over 200. My BAS-39v3.5 can shoot 80 with 2 rubber bands

razzlekunai (author)jollex2009-01-05

MY GOD, WHAT RUBBER BANDS WERE YOU USING!? With 2 of my thickest rubber bands, I only got to 50.....

nope, what about the dd-27?

apples!!!!! (author)dsman1952762008-07-13

thats not a sniper technically, but i get your point.

Jasp3r (author)apples!!!!!2008-08-26

Jollex, thats why this is called a Sniper PISTOL. A pistol shoots 16 feet, a sniper shoots 75. This one shoots 45 feet. I think?

thomaswatton (author)Jasp3r2009-01-02

all of my pistols go way further than 16 (well i do usally ave so many elastics on that the gun is at breaking point)

jollex (author)Jasp3r2008-08-27

No, he was claiming that it shot like a sniper in the size of a pistol.

Jasp3r (author)jollex2008-08-28

Where is he claiming that? Didn't see it...

Thanks for sticking up for me.

jollex (author)Jasp3r2008-08-28

"I was looking for something small but still pretty powerful." He wasn't claiming it directly, but you can assume that it is what he was was saying.

um, no I wasn't I was saying that its a mix. READ ABOVE. Don't claim stuff for me, k? wow....

My Spider massacre shoots 70 with two rubberbands not even doubled up.

thomaswatton (author)2009-01-02

i don't know if i should build it please can someone tell me if they think i will have unuf peaces (i ave got 6 box's or u might say 4 box's+2 tubs and also ave starburst spinner set)

gremlinz_man (author)2008-12-13

looks more like a compact rifle than a pistol

um, yah. Well, its kind of supposed to be a mix between the two.

popomaster (author)2008-07-29

book contest? well i voted

ty. i'm a little late, tho. lol.

lol, im not into knex now though, lol

vinman92 (author)2008-10-01

i found it!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah i will build

PineapplebobTheGreat (author)2008-08-07

yeah, these are the instructions.

any way thxs for posting

your welcome

thanks i thing you are one of the best knex masters ever

PineapplebobTheGreat (author)2008-07-25

um, I did post.....

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