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Here is my knex AK-47. There are already a couple AK-47's out there, but I decided to make one that worked a bit like the real AK-47. Although it is not semi auto or full auto, it does have a hammer-thrust rod that you pull back and release, just like a real AK. It almost looks exactly like the AK-47 and is the exact same length (I measured it with my airsoft AK-47).

The handle needed extra support, but it now holds the whole gun. The gun is very sturdy (only a few green rods came loose when I dropped it from 5 feet).

I haven't yet finished the magazine, but it is almost ready. It does have a curve and holds white rods.

So, anyway, I hope you like my new gun. If you do, could you tell me if I should post instructions or not, and please rate and comment.

It shots 1-2 shots per second.


CMPassTime (author)2014-06-28

This Looks NOTHING Like The AK-47 But It Looks Powerful :)

EXZOTlC (author)2012-09-26


builder968 (author)2010-01-21

I'm getting an airsoft AK47 next week! Yay!

barkers (author)builder9682010-10-24

im gettin this soon 360 fps

Zappa021 (author)barkers2011-04-29

l85 or 95?

rheath2 (author)Zappa0212011-12-28

L86 LSW! =P

builder968 (author)barkers2010-10-24


EXZOTlC (author)builder9682010-08-24

i got mine today :)

builder968 (author)EXZOTlC2010-08-24

OOH! What kind? AEG? Gas? Spring?

EXZOTlC (author)builder9682010-08-25

spring, 300 FSP 300 round mag, hop cap, 70meters range ish

builder968 (author)EXZOTlC2010-08-25

Mine is AEG, 300 round mag, adjustable hop up,and around 150m range(It shoots really well)

EXZOTlC (author)builder9682010-08-25

mines got hop up, still not got it right :( not so sure on range, it never said, ill have to find out.

builder968 (author)EXZOTlC2010-08-26

Oh yeah, and mine gets around 380FPS. I'd say the ROF is about the same as the real AK.

EXZOTlC (author)builder9682010-09-03


rootbeer96 (author)EXZOTlC2010-12-03


builder968 (author)EXZOTlC2010-09-03

What kind is that( besides an M16/ AR15)?

EXZOTlC (author)builder9682010-09-03

M4 carbine M83

builder968 (author)EXZOTlC2010-09-04


EXZOTlC (author)builder9682010-09-04


builder968 (author)EXZOTlC2010-09-05

Ah. Plastic gearbox, though, from your description. I'd recommend a metal gear box gun. I found that the best place to buy from is, their stuff is expensive, but it's good, and they test t for you. Oh, and they give you free shipping for orders over $100( check out the CYMA CM028 AK47, that's the one I have. $110 + BB's.)

EXZOTlC (author)builder9682010-09-06

it will get impounded when it hits the uk, were striked on firearms, real or just a sound one

builder968 (author)EXZOTlC2010-09-06

Where did you get yours, then?

EXZOTlC (author)builder9682010-09-06 :)

EXZOTlC (author)builder9682010-08-26

for a spring mines pretty strong, getting a M4 AEG 250+ FPS two toned tho :(

killersir751 (author)2011-07-23


EXZOTlC (author)killersir7512011-07-24

airsoft sites lol.

killersir751 (author)EXZOTlC2011-07-27

Like what exactly?

EXZOTlC (author)killersir7512011-07-27

killersir751 (author)EXZOTlC2011-07-28

Also. what does SFP stand for?
I have been trying to work it out for a while now.

EXZOTlC (author)killersir7512011-07-28

its FSP, feet per second, how powerful shot gun shots, but that isnt all it, dont get a gun with the best FSP

killersir751 (author)EXZOTlC2011-07-31

If it was Feet per Second it would be FPS.
Also, thanks for telling me what it is.
I know the best gun has excellent accuraccy, range, power, etc.
Which Airsoft gun would you reccommend getting?

EXZOTlC (author)killersir7512011-07-31

anything you like, but make sure its made by TM

killersir751 (author)EXZOTlC2011-07-28

Thanks, I will check it out as soon as I can (I'm usually pretty busy checking stuff and checking things for some friends).

noneedto (author)2010-11-28

call that an ak-74, and im santa

hi santa

rootbeer96 (author)noneedto2010-12-03

post the gun

EXZOTlC (author)2010-11-30

ill win this friday i hope, probs not but getting a 370FPS high powered sniper rifle.

knexsniper1 (author)2009-04-07

oh yeah, one more thing, what is a thrust rod? do you meant ram? just wondering. how old are you? i thought you have to be over 18 to buy an airsoft gun.

I'm 13, and you don't have to be 18 as long as you have a parent with you.

yeah. u gotta be 18 to buy one, and for all the government cares, you could be 3 years old, as long as you have someone whose over 18 with you, they can buy it for you.

bounty1012 (author)knexsniper12009-07-28

no you gotta be like 15 to buy one.

Jango2000 (author)2009-09-07

post the instructable for it, this thing looks awesome!!!!

bobwuvspie (author)2009-08-02

uuummm mag???

dynno97 (author)2009-07-31

Very good looking gun, you probably already broke it right?

knexsniper1 (author)2009-04-07

how far does it shoot? when you say that it shoots 1-2 shots a second, how? don't you have to pull it back?

knexsniper1 (author)2009-04-04

nice gun!

TheDunkis (author)2008-07-15

you just helped me with an idea for a charging handle. I doubt I'll use it as I probably won't get enough power but I'm making an AK-107 (I'm just mixing up the details a little so I'm not always doing a 47) and I was planning on having a charging handle similar to the AK-47 and with shells that get ejected from it when opened.

sounds like it will be cool! Can't wait to see.

TheDunkis (author)lord voldamort2009-03-09

This project failed long ago. I could try it again in fact I pretty much have with the XM8 but I have other projects I find a little more important.

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