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Here is my knex AK-47. There are already a couple AK-47's out there, but I decided to make one that worked a bit like the real AK-47. Although it is not semi auto or full auto, it does have a hammer-thrust rod that you pull back and release, just like a real AK. It almost looks exactly like the AK-47 and is the exact same length (I measured it with my airsoft AK-47).

The handle needed extra support, but it now holds the whole gun. The gun is very sturdy (only a few green rods came loose when I dropped it from 5 feet).

I haven't yet finished the magazine, but it is almost ready. It does have a curve and holds white rods.

So, anyway, I hope you like my new gun. If you do, could you tell me if I should post instructions or not, and please rate and comment.

It shots 1-2 shots per second.
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CMPassTime9 months ago

This Looks NOTHING Like The AK-47 But It Looks Powerful :)

builder9685 years ago
I'm getting an airsoft AK47 next week! Yay!
i got mine today :)
OOH! What kind? AEG? Gas? Spring?
spring, 300 FSP 300 round mag, hop cap, 70meters range ish
Mine is AEG, 300 round mag, adjustable hop up,and around 150m range(It shoots really well)
mines got hop up, still not got it right :( not so sure on range, it never said, ill have to find out.
Oh yeah, and mine gets around 380FPS. I'd say the ROF is about the same as the real AK.
(removed by author or community request)
(removed by author or community request)
airsoft sites lol.
Like what exactly?
Also. what does SFP stand for?
I have been trying to work it out for a while now.
its FSP, feet per second, how powerful shot gun shots, but that isnt all it, dont get a gun with the best FSP
If it was Feet per Second it would be FPS.
Also, thanks for telling me what it is.
I know the best gun has excellent accuraccy, range, power, etc.
Which Airsoft gun would you reccommend getting?
anything you like, but make sure its made by TM
Thanks, I will check it out as soon as I can (I'm usually pretty busy checking stuff and checking things for some friends).
ill win this friday i hope, probs not but getting a 370FPS high powered sniper rifle.
What kind is that( besides an M16/ AR15)?
M4 carbine M83
Ah. Plastic gearbox, though, from your description. I'd recommend a metal gear box gun. I found that the best place to buy from is, their stuff is expensive, but it's good, and they test t for you. Oh, and they give you free shipping for orders over $100( check out the CYMA CM028 AK47, that's the one I have. $110 + BB's.)
it will get impounded when it hits the uk, were striked on firearms, real or just a sound one
Where did you get yours, then? :)
for a spring mines pretty strong, getting a M4 AEG 250+ FPS two toned tho :(
im gettin this soon 360 fps
l85 or 95?
L86 LSW! =P
noneedto4 years ago
call that an ak-74, and im santa
hi santa
post the gun
knexsniper16 years ago
oh yeah, one more thing, what is a thrust rod? do you meant ram? just wondering. how old are you? i thought you have to be over 18 to buy an airsoft gun.
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