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Introduction: Pineapplebobthegreat's Shotgun

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This gun is pretty old, but I still had some pics, so here it is. It has a trigger lock.



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    WWHHAAUUWWHHAA !!!!!!!! MY SHOTGUN OWNS THIS1 ITS OWNS ALL SHOTGUNS !~!!!!!! WITH ITS DEADLY SPECIAL AMMO !!! (knifes) !!!!!! 9and it shoots ATLEAST 6 red rods in ONE shot WWHHUUAWWHHAA !!!!!

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    Hey man Mine has got a better rating now Cuz now it`s a slideshow xD

    (The FIRST shotgun of me xD ) Called: BEAMERONS REAL WORKING SHOTGUN MODEL (preview) xD !!

    if your make the black wire at the enfd longer, it could be the lancer from gears of war

    Jezus Christ!!! This is cool!!! 5 Stars and by the way, You have been pretty active lately, because of the TGKT, or just to have another go with knex guns???

    kick *** gun its crazy sweet looks like it weighs a ton but other than that awesome i wish i could make it but i dont have enough pieces (*~*)

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