Picture of Pinecone & Mushroom Plaque
This pinecone & mushroom (fungi) plaque is decorative , fun and  easy to make! 
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Step 1: Find some pinecones!

Picture of Find some pinecones!
If you live in an area that is wooded there is bound to be a few one trees nearby. People who have them on their property will gladly let you pick some off the ground too! Just get permission first. Buckshot and rock-salt shotgun shells can hurt.

Step 2: Find some mushrooms!

Picture of Find some mushrooms!
These large plate like mushrooms grow on the side of trees. If you have gone into the woods you probably have seen some. They grow on live, semi-live, & dead trees & logs. The upper side is usually pure white and you can etch(another forthcoming instructable) a cool scene or name into it easily. Just be careful not to scratch the white area when transporting your treasure home if you are going to etch it ! 

Step 3: Make a wooden plaque

Picture of Make a wooden plaque
You now need to make (cut out) a wooden plaque. It can be any wood. Preferably pine, cause its easy to work with and inexpensive. Mine are round, square, & rectangular. If you are a woodworker you can route the outer edge with a nice bevel on your router table. 

Step 4: Cut, bevel & sand your plaque

Picture of Cut, bevel & sand your plaque
Self explanatory step!

Step 5: Warm up your GLUE GUN NOW

Picture of Warm up your GLUE GUN NOW
This a very important step, don't skip it!

Step 6: Glueing it all together

Picture of Glueing it all together
Choose your pine cones and lay them temporarily on the plaque. Choose a mushroom for the base that suits your taste. (Don't taste it!) Line it all up and see how its going to look. Oh, yes before you glue anything, turn your plaque over and attach one of those picture hanger thingys now. Cause later it will be too hard to nail it on with the pine cones and shroom attached! Been there and done that!! Now glue everything on so it looks nice and symetrical. Like a flower arrangement. See first picture. Now let it dry. Hang it somewhere and enjoy the praises of your family & friends. But be aware they will all want one too, so I hope you got extra pine cones and shrooms!! Enjoy, seek peace, Triumphman.

Step 7: More pictures

Picture of more pictures

Step 8: You've got fairies in your mushrooms!

Picture of You've got fairies in your mushrooms!
triumphman (author) 3 years ago
Whats that you say , you've got fairies in your mushrooms?
fairies & shrooms.jpg
triumphman (author) 3 years ago
Don't eat the Mushrooms!
ChrysN3 years ago
Nice done, they look great!