Step 6: Optional: Run Around the House With the Racecar Cam

If you are reading about a pinewood derby car, you probably have kids. This was silly fun! Interview the kids with the racecar cam. Chase the dog with the camera. Use it like an airplane and fly around after the kids.
 cool build...is that camera you have wireless? the camera you have and the one on the link you put up don't match
Where did you get the camera/what brand is it?
The camera is a JMK. I purchased it from <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=616">http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=616</a><br/>
Did it come with a transmitter for the video output?
Yes, it came with the video camera and the receiver (with RCA video and audio out). I connected to the line in of my portable DVD player for people to watch. I also recorded a couple of races by running from the receiver to the line-in on my camcorder.
So there was a cable going to your car as it went along the track?
My boyscout troop had a derby. you could do anything. I put a model rocket engine with an rc igniter. Our track was 30 feet long. part of the way down, I fired the rocket. You can guess who won. The car somehow jumped over the stopper and shot across the parking lot. fun.
Combining gravity-racing and rockets is always fun! My friends and I used to do the same to hot-wheels cars with no-report bottle-rockets taped on and sent down the roof with fuses lit. Caused a lot of neighbors some wonder how we got cars in the gutters (we used dollar-general type cars, not actual hot wheels so we wouldn't mind losing them if things went 'bad'. (like the car landing on the roof or using a reporting rocket and blowing the roof off...)
forget no report bottle rockets, I do the same thing with whistling dual report bottle rockets. it makes the effect more dramatic.
We did this with no-reports to avoid damage to decent cars we liked. Any others, we tried to destroy. We sent a truck down the ramp once with 2 M80's stuck to it and a single rocket. We blew a hole in the neighbor's trash can...
My pinewood derby car pwns your face.
hey buddy i jst wanna ask u a quest that can we use our cell phones camera as a spy cam with the receiver in our PC ?????? plz help me out ????
We did this with a wireless camera. See the results in this video:<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://uncutvideo.aol.com/users/exegrec4/318b45098eec2b5aa1d875e0face3179?index=0">http://uncutvideo.aol.com/users/exegrec4/318b45098eec2b5aa1d875e0face3179?index=0</a><br/><br/>
If you have an amateur radio license - you can get a tiny camera and tramsmitter around a hundred or so bucks (I think I paid 125.). These guys are neat because on the 70cm portion of the bands, we can transmit on cable channel 59 - no special setting. Just change the TV to channel 59 and it works. My sons derby is next month.... I just might have to add this "weight". Really neat idea.
These are the kind of instructables I like to see..

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