Picture of How To: Ping Pong Ball Lights
At some point last semester I realized that ping pong balls make great diffusers and look really cool when they are glowing. Next we concluded that a hundred glowing ping pong balls would look even cooler. It was at about this point I decided that my apartment was in dire need of some ping pong ball lights.

In this instructable I'll show you a quick way to turn an ordinary string of Christmas lights into a great party decoration.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials
For this Instructable you'll need a few things.

  • A string of Christmas lights
  • A ping pong ball for each light on the string

  • Drill and drill bit (or other implement to make a hole in a ping pong ball)
  • Hot glue and glue gun

When researching this project I found that you can get a gross(144) of ping pong balls for under $20 including shipping on eBay.

Make sure the string of lights you use is in good condition. Check for any electrical shorts or overheating bulbs before starting.
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Msflutterby14 days ago
You can hold the ping pong in your hand and then use a small awl to poke a hole. Then use a pair of needle nose pliers to make the hole bigger by twisting them while inside the hole the pliers are tapered so you just go deeper slowly until you get the desired size. That's much easier
finkbeiner16 months ago

Quick question. Will the heat of a strand of light melt or cause warping of the ping pongs? LED lights are more expensive and I'd rather use the cheaper traditional lights for our upcoming Prom...making a Marquee sign :) If you'd let me know how they held up and if the heat was an issue I'd be greatly appreciative :)

Hi cynicalifornia, You could use patterned duct tape or colored electrical tape as well as yarn, instead of embroidery floss, which would be pretty but tedious to do.

I think these lights look really great! Now we just gotta make the strand look as good as the lights. I know the sell white strands, but could the strands be painted easily, such as with spray paint?
you could wrap the cord in embroidery floss. It's a lil time consuming and labor intensive but it looks great and there are tons of colors to choose from : )
To paint the light strand wires: before putting ping pong balls on, push the glass bulbs (only) into a sheet of styrofoam, then spray paint the rest. When dry, rearrange so that you can spray any spots you missed the first time. The embroidery floss sounds clever, but wouldn't you then have to worry about wire breakage > fire? Still waiting for someone to translate POI for us. Wish I could take credit for this idea, but I saw it on HGTV or something similar a few years ago on a holiday special.
doesn't styrofoam melt when spray painted???
 ...not enough to actually melt it to the light. It's not like it's a hot melt either. It just gets soggy like bread basically. The styrofoam is temporary so that really shouldn't matter. o.0
ysabet komecake9 months ago

If the melting thing is a worry, just poke holes in a cardboard box and push 'em into that instead. This is a *fastastic* idea, btw, and I'll be doing this. Thanks!

Use straws it to size with slits on the length of the straw. They. Ome in all sorts of. Colors, some even bend.

Tumbleweed1 year ago
zani873 years ago
Very cool project, I've done it today, for my boyfriend's birthday :) It was cca. 15-20 minutes, I bought glue pistol, but I didn't even need to use it, cutting an X shape on them hold it just as well! Thank you for the idea, and for the others too for making it easier to complete!!
lolson1 zani871 year ago
I used the X also and it worked well and was fast!
Great project.  I saw this somewhere else and we did a bunch of orange ones for Halloween.  Very cool glow on the front porch.

For drilling, I put the balls in an egg crate and just slid it around on the drill press work surface.  Worked great and I could just throw a handful into the crate and then dump them after drilling...no need for careful handling.
good idea...
Great idea!
lolson11 year ago
Love, love, love it!!! Love the fact that it is a diffused lite...so much softer. Thanks a bunch!!
goood idea
Macon Bacon2 years ago
I think the best way to hold the ball is to drill a hole into a 2 by 4 that is smaller than the ping pong ball & just hold the ball with 2 fingers to drill the hole.
 they would be cool if they had an LED throwie in them so that you could throw them
The L.E.D. Pingie!
rrrmanion4 years ago
if you have the equipment, you could blow-mold the ping pong balls, then just file it into proper shape or something like that. might look nicer
vincent75204 years ago
Nice !
Very nice iii… :))
DON'T try to burn holes in them, leaves a disgusting scent that lingers for days.
heh, sounds like you're speaking from experience ;-)
You have no idea, the smell is like no other. At the very least don't try it inside. I feel like i lost a few days of my life every time I split one open.
komecake5 years ago
  Woohoo! I randomly decided I would finally do this today for my mom for her back porch. I bought LED lights instead as they are brigther and less of a fire hazard. I got them at Home Depot for $11 for a 60 strand that has 16 different functions. Excessive? Yes, but fun. :D

 I bought the ping pong balls at Wallie Mart for $8 for 36 of them and a 15 pack of golf balls with holes for $2. Obviously that's not quite enough. I need another 15 pack, but I like how it's turned out so far! :)

SMALL 1.jpgSMALL 2.jpg
  I forget to mention that we also did not drill holes. We found that cutting a small "X" with an exacto knife and pushing it on was much easier to glue on and faster than drilling holes.
Hmm. Sounds like you made an easy I'ble into an even easier I'ble. haha. Nice. I want to do this. Don't even have a use for them. Just want to do it. Haha.
yeah! I like your $2 holey golf ball idea! The holes are already there, and from the pic, I can see it makes a cool, almost disco ball effect!
alxg374 years ago
Do ping pong balls come in colors or did you paint them? You show all white ping pong balls.
The cool thing is you don't have to paint them. They glow they color of the light that's inside them.
nickabc1234 years ago
soldering iron to make a small hole- emphasis on small- then using a drill bit about the same size as the light (drilling in reverse). you push the light through then pull to tighten. dont even need glue.
mecenia4 years ago
Your decoration with ping pong balls are so amazing!! so cute and beautiful *-*
i'll do one tomorrow and one i'll give to my friend.
Another.. i'll put in my bedroom for light in the night.
thanks for the idea and guide!
yellow21214 years ago
Don't know if this has been mentioned but this needs a big be careful warning. Most ping-pong balls are made from celluloid. Celluloid is highly flammable. Just like movie film from the 20's and 30's, touch a match to it and whoosh, even water won't put it out. Dollar store balls may be made from plastic and a safe choice, if you test by burning one watch your eyebrows.
mojo135 years ago
 Hey, I just made these! They worked out so well! thanks for th instructable!
mojo135 years ago
DasBus5 years ago
 I just put one of these together today, using a battery operated light set.  Looks AWESOME!!!!  Thanks for the idea!
brain_bomb5 years ago
 If you go as cheap as possible on the lights and balls you have an extreme fire hazard on your hands and you've spent $5 more then the store bought version.  If you do it right and buy LED lights you've spent $25 more than the store bought version.  I have to say that when an instructable costs more than the store bought option and is more dangerous than the comparable store option it's not one to do.  If you are intent on doing this, make sure to use the LEDs.  More expensive but you can leave the room for bathroom breaks and not have to worry your house will burn down.
  LOL @ leaving the room for bathroom breaks. I agree though. And LED lights aren't $25. I got mine for $11. They had a good set for $6!!! But I wanted the ones that had 16 different blinking functions to satisfy my ADDness. Hahaha.
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