Step 4: Hang the Lights

Picture of Hang the Lights
All that's left to do now is to hang up your new set of ping pong ball lights and enjoy.
finkbeiner16 months ago

Quick question. Will the heat of a strand of light melt or cause warping of the ping pongs? LED lights are more expensive and I'd rather use the cheaper traditional lights for our upcoming Prom...making a Marquee sign :) If you'd let me know how they held up and if the heat was an issue I'd be greatly appreciative :)

 they would be cool if they had an LED throwie in them so that you could throw them
The L.E.D. Pingie!
vincent75204 years ago
Nice !
Very nice iii… :))
alxg374 years ago
Do ping pong balls come in colors or did you paint them? You show all white ping pong balls.
Ev5 years ago
Great idea. The "matte" finish makes them less twinkly holidaylike.

How about the seamless balls sold on e-bay? I'll try and report back.

I bought a bunch of LED holiday lights over the last few yearsafter Christmas, they're discounted 50% or more!
harvey6395 years ago
OMG they r SO cool i am going t make a set for my room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
m0nde5 years ago
 very nice!
Hejjhog5 years ago
Oh my god best idea I've seen in a long while! I am SO gonna do that! THANK YOU!
I think these lights look really great! Now we just gotta make the strand look as good as the lights. I know the sell white strands, but could the strands be painted easily, such as with spray paint?
jehstr7 years ago
that is really cool. i might have to steal mums christmas lights haha.
GitarGr87 years ago
This is such a great idea. I'm gonna try this with some LEDs hanging at different lengths.
Shagglepuff7 years ago
Go poke some extra holes in the ping pong balls so little spots of light go everywhere.
2dMaxf7 years ago
This would be really cool on my mountain bike. I would do it with the battery operated rice lights I bought some years ago at Big Lots during Christmas time. Then nobody can say they didn't see me coming at night.
indarch7 years ago
I love the effect but I wonder...do you have to worry about the ping pong balls heating up and melting if you leave these on too long?
advancedMischief (author)  indarch7 years ago
I've ran them all day with no noticeable heating, so there shouldn't be a problem, but I would keep an eye on them just in case especially when first testing it.