Ping Pong Ball Smoke Grenade (easy!!)





Introduction: Ping Pong Ball Smoke Grenade (easy!!)

This project is very simple, quick and fun to do. Only a few items needed and a lot of smoke put out!!!

Items needed:

-aluminium foil
-4 ping pong balls (decent quality)

Step 1: Cut Foil

Cut out about a 15x15cm square of aluminium foil.

Step 2: Cut Ping Pong Balls

Take the ping pong balls (leave one) and poke a hole in the top with a pen or sharp object, then just cut he balls into little strips.

Step 3: Assembly (part 1)

Take a ping pong ball and cut a hole in the top, about 1 cm in diameter. Put all of the other cut up strips inside the ball packing tightly.

Step 4: Assembly (part 2)

Place the foil in the palm of your hand, then put the full ping pong ball in the middle of the foil, wrap the foil around the ball leaving an air hole at the top (use the pen as a guide if need be).

Step 5: Ignition

To light: hold grenade by stem, hold lighter under ball part and wait until some smoke oozes from the stem, the throw or put down the ground and watch as it billows smoke.

I hope you enjoyed this instuctable... Thanks for viewing and don't forget to follow!!



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Wouldn't the smoke be toxic? But otherwise, Awesome!


Forgot the lighter in the items needed but other than that excellent job

Awesome. I'll have to try this, now. Thanks!

Easiest, most affordable, and quickest smoke grenade ever! And you dont even have to leave your house, unless of course you lack ping pong balls or aluminum. Ty for this project!