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The first thing you must do to finish this project is to get your materials.

1.) 10 ping pong balls

2.) An L-shape PVC pipe (Tying them together with a rubber band also works.)

*Note: Be sure to keep the pipe at a 90-degree angle at all times in order for the trajectory to be right.

Step 1:

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To begin the project work, you must measure to figure out how many balls you want to accelerate in the positive direction and how many balls you want to accelerate in the negative direction. The up motion is a positive acceleration and the downwards fall is a negative acceleration. Once you figure out how many balls you want to have on each pipe you must divide the distance of the pipe by the corresponding balls. Then, you must draw lines on the pipe according to what number you get. (Ex: We made our balls 10cm apart from each other.)

Step 2:

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Then you must check your demsos graph and find the distance that each ball needs to be placed from the maximum height.

Step 3:

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After you measure the distance from the top ball you must find the slope of that line in correspondence to the number on desmos. And then you must multiply that number by the number on desmos to get the distance from the pipe.

Step 4:

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You must use two people to complete the next step. Once you have the distance that you need to place the ball you must tape a piece of string to the ball and have it lead down to the correct point. Then, your other partner must hold the ball in place while you tape the string. Once you cut the string loose the ball will fall into place at the desired distance.

Step 5:

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You must repeat this step for all of the balls on both of the sticks making sure that you do it until you reach the corner where you will then go in the other direction.

Step 6:

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Bending around the corner is not a very hard task. You just repeat the same process as before only you tape the string to the ball on the other pipe once you hit the corner.

Step 7:

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This is the final product.


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