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Introduction: Ping Pong Bicycle

Don't you hate it that when you want to go over to a friend to play ping pong you can't because he lives in a flat and there is no room for a ping pong table? I know I do.

Here is the solution :

With the pingpong bicycle (for the brittish : wifwafcycle ) you finally can go anywhere and take your ping pong table with you.
Hours of fun ping ponging in the middle of fields, on pavements, on squares in the city, even on the road (this is not adviced)
are guaranteed with this easy to make yet proffessional grade ping pong bicycle.

Step 1: Find Old Bicycles and Metal Tubing

Find an old bicycle to cut up

Finding old bicycles can be hard in some parts of the world, there is a good instructable on buying used bicycles if you click here, but i advice to look for free ones (i'm just cheap)

Then you need some metal tubing. if you're lucky you can find tubing like i did (already tube welded on 90 degrees).

Step 2: Put It All Together Into a Frame

Put all the parts together and weld it up.

There is a nice instructable on building a cargo bike if you click here, for this you can follow untill step 7.

If you're really going for a zero budget bike (except for some welding elektrodes an elektricity) you can in stead of buying ball joints make your own steering rod couplings like I did : 

I took a bolt and welded it to the front fork. 
On a tube that fitted around the bolt I welded another bolt.
On the steering red I welded another tube that fitted around the bolt.

Check out the pictures if this isn't clear.

Step 3: Rework the Frame

The frame actualy needs to be quite long

If you plan to put on a competition size ping pong table. Then you'll need 137 cm (src : )
so weld on some more tubing.

Take the old support structure of your donor ping pong table and try somehow to weld or bolt it onto your frame. 
Think about  the tables and that they need to be able to fold otherwise it wil be impossible to ride te bike (it will be hard enough as it is) 

Step 4: Add Pingpong Table to the Frame

If you want to put it all together you should check if you have everything:

- frame
- wheels
- drivetrain
- steering system
- 2 sides of ping pong table
- old stands of your ping pong table
- net (I made mine out of a piece of cotton)

- kickstand (otherwise you're thing will fall over)

- brakes (safety first)

Just bolt everything together

Step 5: Play Ping Pong, Ride It or Just Enjoy Your Work

and eventualy hack it to pieces reweld it and make it ready to get a barbeque on it next spring



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    Hahahaha... where's the video of you riding your ping-pong bike on the street while a couple of your buddies play ping-pong? :D

    What the.......I don''s just..........WOW man!

    Bizarre, must be a first, I think. Crosswinds are probably not good news.
    Love it!

    1 reply

    lol... ditto that! ;-D

    wanna hear of other use of pinpong?

    Next step, add wheels so it can be ridden while the table is down, and have the players ALSO on bicycles...

    5 replies

    Me: Oh, this will be so useful! Me later: I don't even play ping pong (or wif waf (Who the heck named that? At least ping pong makes sense. ?-) ) )

    Someone MUST do this.

    Gracias por compartir. Creo que falta mucho para simplificar esta idea, que me gusta mucho, pero que veo muy compleja, un buen primer intento.
    Thanks for sharing. I think there's a long way to simplify this idea, I like it, but it's very complex, good first try.

    I'm British and I've never heard ping pong being called "wif waf"

    Hilarious!!! You should be given a crown or whatever you english folks
    get for superior work, something nice from a prince, maybe a tap on the sholder
    with a sharp instrument.

    Nice Instructable, but for the actual project, words fail me... I love the idea, but the practical part of me is stuck in "what the..."

    Um... Assuming anyone takes this seriously... and just a general warning for those who don't know, if you're going to attempt to weld galvanised iron (like the tube frames often found on a ping pong table) or any other pieces of gal steel from any source, DON'T! Unless of course you own a fume suit (space suit). Welding through zinc creates very poisonous gasses, you might as well put a gun to your head.

    I'd like to see this in transit. I WANT ONE. I LOVE THIS, LOVE!

    Dude, you def. need to post a video of this being ridden!

    Truly an interesting project....kooky perhaps.... but fun and since I am a serious ping pong player, of some utility as well. I love projects like these, they have a passion and focus that reflects a truly independent spirit.

    All you need now is to be-able to swivel the table top and you have a sail!