How to revive and upgrade a string of Christmas lights by making little covers for the bulbs. Ping-pong balls are perfect ready-made shades as they diffuse the light attractively and are cheap and easy to come by.
i would put them in an egg carton and poke holes with hot poker
Unless the presenter is about 10 feet tall, that's a small hardback, nota big one. But maybe the ping pong balls are teeny-tiny, it's all amatter of scale, I guess.<br /><br />Book looks intriguing and, anyway, if I'm seeing an advert, I like whenwhen I know that's what happening rather than any stealthyunder-the-radar 'ooh we're so alternative and clever, but we're stillselling to you' junk.<br /><br />It's a plug, it says it's a plug. Live with it.<br />
I understand about the book plug but at least we now know about it - Ithink it sounds like a fab book.&nbsp; Love the idea too - greatalternative to overly festive Christmas lights.<br />
I love this - looks so easy I'm going to have a go at making themtonight!&nbsp; <br />
Using a G-clamp is likely to dent the balls, but you wouldn't want a drill bit in your hand... &quot;Modelling-clay&quot; might be a better way of holding these?<br />(The book-plug spoils this, it's not very subtle at all.)<br /><br />L<br />
Agreed - the product-placement is clumsy enough, but that last plug tips the scales to spam to my mind.<br />
Me too, but the build is well presented (and none of the cheapskates around here are likely to fork-out for a big hardback...)<br /><br />L<br />
If I was drilling a ping-pong ball, I'd use a drill-press, and hold the ball by hand (the drill isn't going to shoot sideways into my hand).<br />

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