Ping Pong Ball Gun From a Pallet





Introduction: Ping Pong Ball Gun From a Pallet

I have been in awe of some of the pallet ibles, so here is a project I've had in the works. I was wanting to impress my nephew and use a pallet.

Step 1: Parts and Tools

The pallet!!!!
jigsaw, a keyhole or hand saw will do.
two screws
sand paper
ping pong balls
clothes pin
three rubber bands
vice or not, I had one but not necessary

Step 2: Marking the Rough Outline

depends on your pallet but I chose to make it about a foot long once I put my front piece on. the pallet was 4" tall and the tip is 2". The holes I laid off stink. I should've laid the centers off but it just holds ammo so it'll do

Step 3: Cut Out

Just cutting and drilling the prescribed marks

Step 4: Making the Sights

I thought using the curve of the handle would look elegant. Sorrows the two prongs with a knife and drilled at an angle for show.

Step 5: Sanding and Assembly

Took the sight off and rounded the corners



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Nice! I particularly like the ammo storage you added.