Step 12: Tools and Part List

Picture of Tools and Part List
Ping Bots 5-3-12 036.jpg
Medium-Fine Tipped Soldering Iron and Solder
Circuit Board Developer (Jameco #156734)
PCB Etchant (Jameco #616438)
Tin Platting Kit (Jameco #2097088)
Heat Sink Clip
Needle Nose Pliers / Wire Stripper / Wire Cutters
Spray Paint
Black, brown, and orange acrylic paint
Masking Tape (Nichiban #241)
Super Glue
Magnifying Lamp (Optional, but boy howdy you'll want it one when it comes time to solder!)
Some form of circuit board clamp
Paint Rag / Paper Towels
100W light bulb with a reflective hood
Inkjet Transparencies. (If your print shop doesn't sell them individually you can buy a pack to have them print on.)
Plate Glass 8.5x11in by 1/4in thick

Cleaners and Solvents
Rubbing Alcohol
Nail Polish Remover
Denatured Alcohol

1x 08M2 PICAXE Microcontroller (Solarbotics #28412)
1x USB PICAXE Programming Cable (Solarbotics #28405)
1x 3.5mm Stereo Jack (PICAXE Connector) (Solarbotics #17850)
2x 3904 NPN Surface Mount Transistors (Jameco #94967)
2 Small Pager Motors (Radio Shack #273-107)
2x 3.3K Ohm SMD Resistors (Package #0805)
1x 10k Ohm SMD Resistor (Package #0805)
1x 22k Ohm SMD Resistor (Package #0805)
3x 150 Ohm SMD Resistor (Package #0603)
3x 1uf SMD Ceramic Capacitor (Digikey #445-1592-1-ND)
2x 1N4004 Rectifier Diodes (Jameco #35991)
1x IR Receiver 38kHz (Jameco #2109691)
1x USB micro USB SMD Female Connector (Sparkfun #PRT-08533)
1x USB 2.0 Female Connector
1x USB microB Cable - 6 Foot (Sparkfun # CAB-10215)
1x Right Angle Switch (Sparkfun #COM-10860)
1x Jumper / .1 inch Straight Male 1Row 3Pin Header (Jameco #109576)
1x Polymer Lithium Ion Battery - 3.7V 110mAh (Sparkfun #PRT-00731)
1x MAX1555 - Lithium Ion/Polymer USB Battery Charger IC (Sparkfun #COM-00674)
1x Piezo Buzzer Ø12.5mm (Solarbotics #17855)
2x Surface Mount 1.90mm Green LEDs (Jameco #1555104)
1x Surface Mount 1.90mm Red LED (Jameco #1584976
1x Pre-Sensitized, Single Sided Circuit Board (Jameco # 156751)