This is very funny looking and cheerful recipe to get the party started.

Step 1: Ingredients

Here is a list of the ingredients:

- A medium size carrot
- About 150g large olives without pits
- A pack of soft feta cheese
- Some toothpicks
They are soooo cute!!
So adorable!!! Perfect for winter! Thanks for sharing.
mom used to make these but they were sick penguins
Awesome !!!
Very cute!
I would think that instead of a carrot, use cheese that's been shaped into a tube. I normally don't eat olives but a friend of mine says that cheese goes better with olives than carrots.
You could also use pickled carrots; they go amazingly well with olives. The vinegar taste...
You got that right! Pickled anything is good. Except pigs feet.
Hehe, these are awesome! Thanks for the how-to!
wawawwwww Perfect,very nice,thank you alottttt,please New Ideaaa
Like the idea. Very beautiful and interesting!
Love it. I am so making these for my St. Patty's day party.
It's fun making them. Enjoy!!
I love the idea! well done
Thats awesome!
And delicious :)<br><br>Thank You!!

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