Picture of Pinhole DSLR (quick and dirty edition)
I decided I wanted to play around with pinhole photography. Its always intrigued me, and as my paycheck fell short this month, I needed something free to entertain myself with.

Now, I wanted to play around with this method of photography but still have the ease and instant gratification of digital. After doing a little research online I decided on a way to make a pinhole rig for my DSLR using material I already had at home.

Realistically, this instructable could cost you nothing, as it uses items you probably already have. At the most, I'd estimate it could set you back $15.

This instructable will show you how to make the pinhole rig for your DSLR, but will not go very in depth on how to take photos with it. That's because I'm still experimenting myself. Use this as a starting point for your experimentations and explorations!

Have fun, and as always, feel free to post your photos in the comments
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Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools
DSLR Camera
Body Cap for said Camera
Black Electrical Tape
Aluminum Foil

Fine Sand Paper
Dill and Small Bit (about 1/8in)

Step 2: Step 1 ~ Prep the Cap

Picture of Step 1 ~ Prep the Cap
To make our pinhole rig we'll need a small (not tiny) hole the center of the body cap.

Find the Center of the Cap
Use your ruler to draw a small line across the center of your cap. Rotate the cap a bit (about 90 deg) and draw another small line across the center of your cap. Where these two lines intersect is the center.

Drill Out the Center of the Cap
Use your drill to make a small (about 1/8in) hole where your two lines intersect.

Clean Up Your Hole
Use your fine sand paper to clean up the inside of the hole, as well as the area around the hole.

Be sure to get all the dust off the cap from this sanding as it will end up in your camera and maybe on your sensor!
thepaul936 years ago
i don't get it, if you want to take long exposure pics just bump up the apperature to F22,
If you do holes horizontally, it will give you a panorama effect. Did you have to change any settings for it to take photos without a lens attached?
Neat, I'll have to give that a try. As far as changing settings, no changes were required. I've found that I like shooting in B&W better at low ISOs (80, 100, and 200). But thats just to produce the results I like.