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After seeing all of the great Instructables that people have posted if unique flash drive casings I knew that (at that time) nobody had made one with the Pink Eraser. I was surprised that nobody had done it yet, so I got started. Little did I know as I was creating mine, "fungus amungus" had beat me to it. Because it still worked, and I've been trying to find some excuse to post my own Instructable, I'll show you how I did it.

Materials Needed:

1 Flash drive
2 Pink Erasers (casing, and lid)
Steak Knife, or Scissors (to cut the erasers)
Xacto Knife (to pry the casing of the flash drive)
Drill w/ medium sized bit, or Rotary Dremmel (hollow out the erasers)
Silicone (to secure the drive into the eraser)
Tweezers (to grab excess debris from inside the eraser)
Shop Vac (The eraser debris gets EVERYWHERE!!!)

Step 1: Select Your Victim!!!

Picture of Select Your Victim!!!

I chose to use a "Lexar 256MB" flash drive. The lens for the LED was broken of when it broke off my key ring, and the label on the back that said "256MB" was illegible. This flash drive was ready for a new suit, and Wallgreens had the most expensive pack of 2 pink erasers I could find at a whopping $1.32(after tax). I saw a pack at Target for $0.97 (before tax), but turned it down because I assumed Wallgreens was cheaper.

Anywho...Use an Xacto knife to pry open the casing of the flash drive. Mine popped open just as I got the knife through because it was just ready to be free. Make sure you don't go too far into the drive with the knife, you could cut off a piece of the circuit board if your not careful.

Step 2: Cut the Erasers

Picture of Cut the Erasers

Your gonna wanna cut off the very tip of the first eraser (the wedge), in order to make it strait. Make sure you cut it strait down (like cheese), instead of back and fourth (like a steak).You'll have to cut about an inch off of the second one for the lid. You may be able to get away with 7/8in.

I chose to use a Steak Knife, but you can use scissors, or a band saw if your REALLY careful. In retrospect, I should have cut it strait down. I cut it back and fourth like a peice of meat. It came out worse that way. I didn't realize this until I tried cutting it strait down for the cap. It came out so much better. Take this as an example of what not to do. It comes out looking like a fillet of salmon if you cut back and fourth.
You can see the difference in the picture. There we're too many shreds of eraser to show exactly how much I cut off. sorry.

Step 3: Hollow Out the Erasers!!!

Picture of Hollow Out the Erasers!!!

This has got to be the hardest part of the whole project. It make the biggest mess, and I shold have done it differently. I chose to use a drill with a 3/32 bit. I assumed that the drill bit would go through and pull out chunks of debris like it was meant to do with wood, but it didn't. It just went in and made hole that closed up after I removed the bit. It took me a good 40 minutes to hollow out the main case alone. I accidentally drilled through the eraser a few times, but luckily they closed up after I pulled the drill out.

Anywho, You want to go as far into the eraser as you can without drilling through it. You also want to make the slot about 1/8in tall, and about 9/16in wide. same goes for the lid.

I recommend using a rotary dremmel instead of a drill. I didn't have one so I used what I had in my closet.

Step 4: Insert the Drive

Picture of Insert the Drive

Before you insert the flash drive (for the last time), fill the hole with silicone to secure it in place. Make sure you use as much silicone as you possibly can fit into the hole. Otherwise, you'll get air pockets, this also insures that if it had any wiggle room beforehand, or you made the inside walls to thin, that it will fe firm, and secure.

You can now insert the drive into the eraser. Make sure it goes all the way in there, or else the lid might not fit. There's no reason to put silicone into the lid, because that would be dumb, and not funny at all.

I chose to put silicone on the edge of the eraser where the usb tip sticks out, just to make sure it didn't chip away over time.

And your done!!!

This was my first try, so please remember that yours will probably look better. Cheers!


tokymaru (author)2009-01-25

I should have listened when you said this would be messy i did mine on a board while sitting on my bed my vacuum sucks

mg0930mg (author)tokymaru2009-05-08

I think all vacuums suck. :)

dombeef (author)mg0930mg2010-08-15

But mine blows... is that bad?

mg0930mg (author)dombeef2010-08-20

My Shopvac sucks and blows, so I'm not sure.

dombeef (author)mg0930mg2010-08-21

Mine just blows and swells when i turn it on, is that bad also?

joeyoung123 (author)2008-03-29

i got a better idea... hows about you make one out of CHEESE!!!!

sharlston (author)joeyoung1232009-07-25

and if it got warm it would melt then you could put toast on it and have cheese on toast lol

doughnutguy1 (author)sharlston2010-01-03

How about FOAM CHEESE!!!You can make a usb flash case AND A HAT!
I am not being sarcastic, that would be so f*cking awesome!

Im really not

by_my_scythe (author)joeyoung1232008-03-29

Cool! that's a stupid idea!!! ;)

Gjdj3 (author)by_my_scythe2008-04-12


allenmt (author)2009-12-27

 this is a copy of pink eraser usb flash drive posted 3years before this ible

757tofu (author)2008-10-11

I agree with by my scythe leave him alone you guys

by_my_scythe (author)757tofu2008-10-25

Thank you.

by_my_scythe (author)2008-03-29

I didn't copy it. I took all of these pictures days before he posted his. I didn't have time to post it until his had already been posted.

ll.13 (author)by_my_scythe2008-03-30

Actually you took your pictures on 27/03/2008 06:36 fungus_amungus took his on 26/03/2008 14:46 -This is from the EXIF data from both the Instructables' pictures. ;-)

munchman (author)ll.132008-09-07

Hi ll.13 Can Ask how you read and edit EXIF data? Thanks How do you read and edit EXIF data?

ll.13 (author)munchman2008-09-19

On Windows XP if you right click the image,go to Properties>Summary>Advanced it's there. use JHead (created by MWandel) to remove it. ;-)

by_my_scythe (author)ll.132008-03-30

Thank you for clearing that up. I guess that makes my last statement to you wrong. Like I said in my statement to NeonLime, "at that time, the last time I logged on to Instructables', there were ZERO postings of a Pink Eraser Flash Drive on this site, So I started on mine. When I logged in to post my instructable, "fungus_amungus" had already posted his." THAT is the truth.

Yeah, but you just said you took your pictures days before he posted his, and we have evidence and proof that you stole the Instructable from fungus amungus, one of the coolest fungus amungus' alive in this world.

This is the stupidest argument I've ever been a part of. What are you people trying to accomplish? I havent "stolen" anything? This is all just a big coincidence! I'm not one of those guys that spends every waking moment glued to my keyboard. I honestly did not see his post when I started this project. It really doesn't matter when I posted it. It's not like I took my pictures because I saw his. This isn't "Minority Report" people. If I wanted it to be, I would have just copied and pasted all of his text, and posted the same pictures only mirrored. Who the hell does that! I put so much of my time into this project that when I logged in and saw his, I said "Screw it, I still worked hard on this" and I posted it anyway. Stop picking apart my project. There are no missing puzzle pieces. There is nothing to argue about. I thought Maybe if fungusamongus had a problem, he'd tell me himself. Obviously he doesn't. I've already given him full credit as it instructs me in the rules to do so. Get off this subject, please.

mg0930mg (author)by_my_scythe2008-09-02

Still you lied about the pictures, and you most likely did steal this. XD Just Kidding, It's still an ok instructable.

whatsisface (author)ll.132008-03-30

Well done that man!

ll.13 (author)2008-09-03

I see people are commenting in reply to my previous comment, I would just like to say thins though.

I have moved on, I have presented some evidence, but giving benefit of the doubt, doesn't prove anything, I am also sure that people can see the comments, and do not need to add their opinions. I almost regret that I have said anything, maybe that's because people reply to my comment voicing their opinions. It is not my intention to damn certain Instructables, or members. plus, I agree with giving benefit of the doubt, as I like it when given to me.

In a nutshell: Move on, nothing to see here.


by_my_scythe (author)ll.132008-09-04

thank you.

whatsisface (author)2008-03-29

This is almost as bad as the guy who tried to take credit for LED throwies.

Gjdj3 (author)whatsisface2008-04-12

Who did that?

by_my_scythe (author)whatsisface2008-03-29

I gave credit to "fungus amungus". Your statement is flawed.

bumpus (author)whatsisface2008-03-29

how 'bout it

by_my_scythe (author)2008-03-29

besides. There aren't very many ways to make a flash drive casing out of an eraser. would you agree?

by_my_scythe (author)ll.132008-03-29

This wasn't necessary. I gave credit to "fungus amungus" in my instructable, so obviously, I know he did one.

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