Pink Eraser USB Flash Drive





Introduction: Pink Eraser USB Flash Drive

Want to make a flash drive that nobody in a modern office would even think about taking? Hide it in a pink eraser and it's secure in this digital age.

Step 1: Get Your Erasers and Flash Drive

You can get a couple of erasers in an office supply store or an art store. They're cheap.

The flash drive I got at an office supply store. I got a 1 gig since I barely ever use that much as I use flash drives for moving small files around. I don't need anything bigger for now. This is also pretty cheap.

Bonus points for the pink cap on it. It was like this flash drive wanted to be in an eraser from the beginning.

Step 2: Cut the Erasers

One eraser is used for the flash drive and the other will serve as the cap. You'll want to use almost all of one eraser for the drive and about half for the cap.

Step 3: Free Up the Flash Drive

The plastic case on my flash drive was easy to pull apart. Just work a fingernail between the pieces and pull it apart.

Once it's open you can behold just how tiny the real flash drive is.

Step 4: Hollow Out the Pieces

I grabbed a rotary tool and quickly dug out a gap in each piece. Keep testing the fit with the flash drive until it's nice and snug. The same thing goes for the cap.

Step 5: Put It All Together and Start Putting Some Files on It

Take a moment to admire the results and then put that flash drive to work! Put some files on there to print out elsewhere and make it earn its keep.

Step 6: Watch It Get Copied

As people have noted several times in the comments, you can buy something like this at Target now. Checking on the site, I found it here. It's also listed on Amazon here where it shows that it's been offered since July 13, over three months after this was published.

Sure, you could buy one for $18, but why would you want to? Here are a few reasons not to be a sucker and just make it yourself:
- The case is plastic which means that it doesn't look or feel right at all.
- You only get 1GB for $18. You can get 4GB for under $13.
- The case says Dane-Elec on it
- Dane-Elec!?!

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