Step 4: Hollow out the pieces

Picture of Hollow out the pieces
I grabbed a rotary tool and quickly dug out a gap in each piece. Keep testing the fit with the flash drive until it's nice and snug. The same thing goes for the cap.
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What attachment did you put on your rotary tool to hollow out the pieces?
marcottt34 years ago
I find it interesting the tutorial, above all, very original, is ideal because it fulfills two functions
nubabuba4 years ago
u can just use an exacto knife but being extremely focused not to mess up.
sergio54655 years ago
Can I use a blade to hollow it out???
jal086 years ago
What bit did you use to hollow out the eraser? Thanks!
baseballer6 years ago
dremels are cool, but be be careful with them because they spin extremely fast even at their slowest setting.
Derek__Hull6 years ago
whats a rotary tool?