After reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland to my fifth grade students, I was Inspired to modify my croquet set. The change is simple and definitely improves the fun of the game as all those who pick up a mallet can't resist the urge to shout "Off with her head!"

Step 1: Materials

Pink garden flamingos are available at nurseries and hardware stores. The box contains two birds each with a different neck shape. You will transform a regular croquet set into this more animated version by inserting the handle through the flamingo body.
Since croquet mallet handles vary in diameter and length, you will have to determine the size of the drill bit to use.
Tools needed:
  • Drill
  • Drill Bit
  • Dremel
  • Dremel cutting tool
  • Safety Glasses, because plastic will fly!

Hi ! I just became a member to ask you this... We are getting married in 3 months and insanely busy with kids and animals and etc... I would love to make these when leisurely but is there any way you might sell us some for our wedding?!?! We saw alice in wonderland on our first date so wanted to have a few sets at our wedding.... Thank you so much for considering!! I love diy but am abut overwhelmed and these are exactly what i am looking for!! Please???
Oh wow. This is good. Really good.
Too cute! If this doesn't get kids to play croquet, nothing will.
You are such a creative thinker. I love the way you incorporated a game with the book's themes.!<br>AWill
Thanks so much for your kind comments.
I love this so much! I am a huge Alice and Wonderland fan. Also a fan of pink flamingos! So creative.
Fun! Have you considered playing cards on the arches?
Yes! I attached them to the top and then to the side with packing tape but they just got in the way. I have thought that smaller cards might work better (?)
Awesome! The hedge hogs really make the set complete!
Thanks! You're right, it improves the experience. Aren't they cute?
This is just fantastic.
Thanks so much for your comment!
Oh, thank goodness! At first I thought this was entitled 'Pink Flamingos Croquet' this is far cuter than that would be : )

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