Introduction: Pink Mermaid

I made this costume for a little Barbie video that I made. It was super easy and didn't take too long. I would recommend using a stretchy material and sewing it closed (instead of using velcro) if you plan on wearing it out.

Everything was hand stitched (I don't have a sewing machine) and the materials were very cheap...most from ebay or the fabric store.

Good luck! I love mermaids and it was really fun to be one...and even funnier to see everyone's reactions at the beach ;)


Goodhart (author)2011-11-02

For some reason, I can't see the video or a link to it.

snobuni23 (author)Goodhart2011-11-02

Sorry I didn't embed it right the first's on there now

Goodhart (author)snobuni232011-11-02

Oh ok :-) NIce, doesn't look like it is easy to walk in though.

snobuni23 (author)Goodhart2011-11-03

No the velcro was a bad idea - it kept ripping off, esp when it got wet. It worked fine for pictures and video though. I would strongly suggest a stretchy fabric and just sew it together - would be much more walk-friendly lol.

Goodhart (author)snobuni232011-11-03

Could you use the velcro lightly stitched until is was finished and fitted and then "finish" it by removing and sewing permanent like?

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