Pink and Chocolate!


Introduction: Pink and Chocolate!

My great-niece's first birthday inspired me to knit her a book bag and hat. Most of my knitting is done with wool or acrylic yarn and I've always had trouble with the right tension with cotton. But this pink and chocolate cotton yarn was perfect. I modified a basic hat pattern and added a flower on top following directions in Nicky Epstein's book, Knitted Flowers. The book bag was sized around a set of small books, just the right size for tiny hands.



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    OK. THAT is CUTE! I love it! +1

    I just love the book sack and hat! She really seems to enjoy it a lot. You have such a beautiful niece who is fortunate to have such a caring and loving Aunt! Excellent work!

    Cute! She's very cute too, awesome work you have done! +1 rating. I hope to see more great stuff from you!