Introduction: Pink and Green Dress for 18-24month Old

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This is a dress I designed and made, it's the first thing I've ever made on a sewing machine so If I can do it you can too. ^-^ You will need 2 different colors of fabric for this design. About a yard of each. and you will want to label all of the pieces as you cut them.

Step 1: Cut Straps

Picture of Cut Straps

Cut 2 Straps out of Fabric A 3" by 9 1/2"

Step 2: Cut Piece 2

Picture of Cut Piece 2

Cut a strip from fabric A 22" by 3".

Step 3: Cut Piece 3 and 4

Picture of Cut Piece 3 and 4

(Cut 2) 24" by 4" from fabric B.

Step 4: Cut Piece 5

Picture of Cut Piece 5

Cut from fabric A a piece that is 22" on top, 25" on bottom and 6" on the sides. it will be angled on the sides. Same with the next 3 pieces.

Step 5: Cut Piece 6

Picture of Cut Piece 6

from fabric B 25" on top 26"on bottom, 3 1/2" on sides.

Step 6: Cut Piece 7

Picture of Cut Piece 7

From Fabric A 26" on top 27" on bottom and 3 1/2" on sides.

Step 7: Cut Piece 8

Picture of Cut Piece 8

cut from fabric B 27" on top and 28" on bottom, 3 1/2" on sides

Step 8: Start Sewing

Picture of Start Sewing

Sew together pieces 2 and 3.

Step 9: Gathering Stitch

Picture of Gathering Stitch

Sew a gathering stitch across the top and bottom of the 2 pieces

Step 10: Gather Together

Picture of Gather Together

Pull on the string to gather the material to match up with the top of piece 5, pin together.

Step 11: Sew

Picture of Sew

Sew together the 2 pieces. Set aside

Step 12: Bottom Half

Picture of Bottom Half

Sew together the bottom of piece 6 to the top of piece 7, with the wrong sides facing out.

Step 13: Last Piece

Picture of Last Piece

Sew the top of piece 8 to the bottom of piece 7.

Step 14: Put Together

Picture of Put Together

Sew the bottom half of piece 5 to the top of piece 7

Step 15: Straps

Picture of Straps

Fold the straps in half and sew them together. make sure when you sew them that the wrong side of it is facing out. Do the same with piece 2.

Step 16: Turn Right Side Out

Picture of Turn Right Side Out

Attach a safety pin to one end of the strap then tuck it through the middle to help you turn the strap so the right side is out. and press with iron to make flat. Set straps aside

Step 17: Attach Top

Picture of Attach Top

Gather piece 3 and 4 to match up with piece 2. fold piece 2 in half on top of pieces 3 and 4, pin....

Step 18: Sew on Top

Picture of Sew on Top

Sew together.

Step 19: Sew Hem

Picture of Sew Hem

Sew a hem on the bottom of the dress.

Step 20: Sew Together

Picture of Sew Together

Starting from the bottom half do a regular stitch from the waist of the dress down to the bottom. then on the top sew a basting stitch, from the top to the waist.

Step 21: Attach Zipper

Picture of Attach Zipper

holding the sides of the basting stitch down open the zipper, place it face down on it and sew down to the bottom of the zipper. then sew across the bottom, close the zipper and sew back up to the top.

Step 22: Rip Seam

Picture of Rip Seam

Turn the dress right side out and rip the seam out from in front of the zipper.

Step 23: Attach Straps

Picture of Attach Straps

Attach straps to the front 3" from sides.

Step 24: ...

Picture of ...

Attach the back of the straps right next to the zipper in back.

Step 25: ...

Picture of ...

Make sure they are about an inch down on both sides.

Step 26: Make Belt-crochet

Picture of Make Belt-crochet

Take Green Brown and light pink yarn, or yarn that matches your dress, and a size h hook.

Step 27: Green

Picture of Green

Chain 90, seal off.

Step 28: Brown

Picture of Brown

Attach brown and single crochet once in every chain on green, seal off and tie to ends of green.

Step 29: Pink

Picture of Pink

Attach pink and single crochet in every single crochet of brown. Seal off and tie to ends of brown.

Step 30: Make Flower

Picture of Make Flower

hdc-half double crochet
dc-Double crochet
sl st- slip stitch
sc- single crochet

With Pink
1 -Ch 3
2 -sl st into first ch to create loop
3 -10 hdc inside of the loop
4 -sl st into beginning seal off

With Brown
1-Attach brown ch 3, skip one st then sl st in next st. do this all the way around and back to the beginning (will create 5 loops)
2-ch 1 dc 6 in first loop ch 1 sl st into the base. repeat around in each loop then seal off at the end.

With Green
1-Ch 7
2-sc in 2nd ch from hook, then in next 4 sts. turn
3-sc in next 3 sts.
4-sc in next 2 sts.
5-sc around the whole outside of the leaf. seal off.

Attach the leaf to the flower and then attach the flower to the belt. and that's it ^-^


bethanyblue (author)2011-05-24

Sorry- 1 more thought. You didn't mention the zipper in step 1. Should mention that early (like in supplies needed) as zippers may make trying this a no-go for some people. Still very cute.

bethanyblue (author)2011-05-24

Cute. Good job detailing the steps. I'd only suggest adding a final picture of dress with belt on child. Good luck in the contest.

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