Introduction: Pink Kissed Eye Makeup!!!

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easy and simple eye makeup. hope you like it :)

Step 1: Prime Eye Lid..

Picture of Prime Eye Lid..

Start off with cleansed skin.
Apply eye primer.

Step 2: Pink Shadow..

Picture of Pink Shadow..

Apply the pretty pink shadow all over the lid and line the lash line with purple shadow.

Step 3: Purple Crayon..

Picture of Purple Crayon..

Taking a purple eye crayon line the top lash line and below the bottom lashes and the water line.

Step 4: Mascara and Done..

Picture of Mascara and Done..

Finish off by filling the brows and mascara :)


adrina29 (author)2013-07-21

This makeup is sweet and simple !! :)

zeyanimisbah (author)adrina292013-07-27

Thank you :)

Muhaiminah Faiz (author)2013-05-02

You have beautiful eyes! nice ible :)

thank you :)

sunshiine (author)2013-04-30

Wow! This makes your brown eyes stand out. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing and do have a splendorous day!

zeyanimisbah (author)sunshiine2013-05-01

Thank you :)

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